My DH hates me getting LV...

  1. What do I do? I love to treat myself once or twice a year...dh hates it and is I give it up or save myself and get a treat once a year for my b-day...I have a greattt collection which I bought myself with my own funds......
  2. he just has to deal with it when he gets on you about your bags get on him on how he spends on car pasts and that type of stuff tell him they are essential things that you need...
  3. Treat yourself, especially since you are buying the bags with your own money. I am sure he buys things for himself that you may not be in perfect agreement with.
    That is the maturity that will lead to a long marriage, you can agree to disagree about somethings.
  4. LV Pug, I have the same situation. My DH thinks it's insane to spend so much on a bag. So, I just put some money aside each month and save for mine. For my birthday next month I plan to ask for a gift card from LV, but I don't know if he'll come through :sad: I know a lot of well meaning people on tpf say things like, "it's your money, do what you want," etc. But after over 20 years of marriage, I've learned what works best for us.
  5. LVpug. My ex was like that he was rich and cheap. He paid for the gift and I buy it myself. Don't begrudge yourself the little things in life. If it's what you want and he's too cheap just charge it on his card and tell him he bought you a nice memorial birthday gift.
  6. I am really lucky... I don't have that problem. My BF doesn't mind me spending alot of money on a bag... but if I go over $1,000... (which I haven't tried yet...) he said he would get really mad... lol but we will just have to see with time ;)
  7. I definitely think that you should treat yourself if it makes you happy! My D.H. tries to 'get it' but needs a 'hugh nudge' and some 'very obvious' hinting, before he would ever think to get me anything from L.V. on his own, and he can certainly afford it.

    Sometimes when something is important to you, then you must do it for yourself!!

    Go for it, and enjoy whatever you get!!

    :yahoo: :wlae: :tup:
  8. Mike sometimes gets annoyed that I "waste" (his word) so much money on LV, but he never gets mad at me for it. I hate that he "wastes" so much money on his car/truck/dirtbike too, but it eventually evens out. So I've come up with a solution - whenever he says he wants to buy something (unnecessary) for one of his toys I tell him that I need to make a visit to LV. That either snaps him out of it or better yet, I get myself a pretty little present!

    I figure, if I'm working full time and that's what I want to spend my $ on, as long as our bills are paid & we aren't struggling, then who's to say I am wrong for buying a little piece of Mono happiness?
  9. I figure, if I'm working full time and that's what I want to spend my $ on, as long as our bills are paid & we aren't struggling, then who's to say I am wrong for buying a little piece of Mono happiness?[/QUOTE]

    ^^ cheers to that!
  10. I strongly believe you should keep on indulging yourself at a minimum of 2 times a year, unless your economic situation forbids you. It's important that we remember that even though we are in a relationship we are individuals and need our own fulfillment which may come is different ways for everyone. My BF hates me getting bags too, even though he doesn't really speak against it. Everyone has something they are into if bags do it for you, then that is just fine.
  11. Treat yourself!! Everyone deserves a treat every now and then! My husband hates my bag obsession/collection, but I think he's learned how to deal with it....
  12. I spend my own money on LV. My husband doesn't "love" LV, but he knows that I do and he just wants me to be happy.
  13. I feel your pain, my DH was like that but he had relaxed quite a bit and actually bought me a few items in the last few months. I think buying one or two pieces a year is not out of line, and you should reward yourself. We all need to reward ourselves once every few months. You should save and also ask DH to get you LV gift cards for birthdays and Christmas so it will be a LV goal that you both can work towards to.
  14. If you are spending your own money on LV, then DH shouldn't have an issue about it or make you feel guilty for your purchases.
  15. My DH is like that too. I don't stick to LV only, but he calls my SAs "crack dealers". I just think he likes to complain, like that's his job or something.

    I work full time and make more money than he does. I just don't always tell him...things sometime just show up in the house.