My DH gave my the OK

  1. My birthday and Christmas are coming up and of course the only thing I really want is Louis. I can only spend $675.00 and I was thinking of the MC black mini HL with the additional long strap. I already have a mono speedy 30, montouris large backpack, white mc trouville and a black mc petite noe, agenda/wallet and 26 toilette makeup case.
    Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Do you like Damier? You could get a Damier speedy...or a Damier Azur speedy.

    I tried on the mini sac at the store and thought it was really small for the price...just MHO!

    You could also get a couple groom accessories...LE and won't be around much longer!

    Good luck with whatever you decide!!!!!!!
  3. What about a papillon 26.
  4. I would go for an azur pochette! The mini sac is so small!
  5. ITA!
  6. Here's a 3rd vote in favor of the Azur pochette!
  7. For 675, you could get a speedy, damier, either one ;)
  8. I agree with twiggers and twinkle, speedy sounds like the best buy IMO :yes:
  9. azur pochette or speedy. yeah agree with others speedy sounds best, mini sac is so small.
  10. If you like Damier, please get the speedy! It's a great bag. I carry mine more than any other lv I own. Are you getting it soon, or do you have to wait til Christmas time?
  11. something from the azur line :smile:
  12. Damier speedy!!!!!!
  13. azur or damier speedy!!! or maybe illovo mm?
  14. Oooh! Get a Damier Azur Speedy! :wlae:
  15. Damier or Azur Speedy!