My DH finally found it!

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  1. Hi, just want share my joy...:P

    In another thread, I was sharing whether I should forgo the chance of getting a 227 Grey Reissue as I'm looking for a 226 instead. In the end... I chose to wait. (I always feel that if it's meant to be, it will show up.) I also mentioned that my other item on wishlist is the classic medium beige claire with GHW.

    Well... After going to almost all the stores in London and Manchester, other than the one in selfridges, DH found a very interesting reissue. It's 2 tone, in brown and grey, he even sent me a pic... But it just didn't make my heart sing... I felt bad cos DH was very excited... Thinking that it's such a special bag. The SA thinks that it's a fun bag. However I only want classic items...

    So I casually asked if they have the beige bag? Then the SA suddenly realized that new shipment just came in... They received 1 bag in beige. (She had initially said beige only in silver avail). She went to check... Took out a bag, still unwrapped, told my husband that she thinks it's a jumbo. My husband saw the code, double-checked with me that it's A01112 and :nuts:

    That's the one... It's simply amazing... Only 1 arrived and it was meant for me!:yahoo:

    Anyway, my DH is now on his way to the airport... One last stop... Heathrow terminal 3. Will update if there's another pleasant surprise for me...
  2. Congrats, thats great! Hopefully he'll find something at Terminal 3 too :smile:
  3. sweet of your DH :biggrin: Congratulations for getting the beige claire and I keep my fingers crossed he can get the grey reissue from Heathrow.
  4. Three cheers for DH! Congrats, Chloe!
  5. Big congrats! Such a lovely hubby!
  6. wow, how exciting - and what a great husband you have :biggrin:
  7. so great it was meant to be congrats!
  8. How sweet of your DH, congratulations :yahoo:!
  9. congrats i bet you cant wait to get your beige!
    good luck getting more goodies! hehe
  10. Chole_C...Congrat to your new beige bag.. It is so beautiful colour.

    I am looking for Grey 226 reissue too... but no sign yet..if it does not show up, I may end up with 227
  11. Love the beige color... I love mine!
    Can't wait to see the pics. Congratulations!!!
  12. I love happy endings! It was meant to be! Congrats and you have a wonderful DH:yes:
  13. Thank you Mediana, , babyontheway, Scorpcris19, JetSetGo!, Mspera, chloe-babe, dezynrbaglaydee, **chanel**, Anjool, MayMay22, AMJ and babyontheway!

    Thank you all for your support and sweet remarks :P

    DH sms me fr the airport... 'Nothing Exciting', I guess that means no more goodies for me... But I'm contented.:smile: I've been looking for this bag before the insane price increase. It's often avail in Singapore but it's a whopping S$5170 here. Can you imagine it?

    Yea, will try to post pics after this, perhaps even a family pic. Sorry i'm not very IT savvy. My small collection is almost complete.

    Thank you everyone once again.
  14. What a sweet DH! Congrats on your bag -- it was meant for you!
  15. Congrats !