My DH Cracks Me UP!

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  1. So we were in LV yesterday....and as I was paying for my new speedy the SA & I were talking a little LV history. And my hubby pipes up: "Hey....all this money I spend on my wife Louis himself should send me a Christmas card"

    SA & I laugh and look at hubby and I say "umm....hunny he's dead"

    Hubby's eyes kinda widen and he says "You're buying dead guy's purses?"

    LOL that's almost as bad as the time I was in Barneys looking at Balenciaga (I almost cheated on LV) and hubby says "I think I saw that in Walmart last week. Lets go back to Louis Vuitton"

    Men......what would we do without them!
  2. I feel ya! My husband has this knack for making friends everywhere we go. Our SA knows us so well, and she can hear my husband coming from inside the mall! Sometimes he can really embarrass me, but later when I think about what he said, he really cracks me up! At least our husbands aren't boring!
  3. LOL..OMG..sounds just like my DH,,He said he needs to open support group for all hubby..I told him, he will feel much better with me after hearing other hubby complaining .

    Your hubby is so funny..
  4. LMAO! Your DH sounds like he has a great sense of humor! :yes:

    The SAs at LV call my DH by name and always forget mine. :wtf:
  5. Lol Texas....mine is soooo embarrasing at times. One of his classic things if he doesn't like the price of something is to say it makes my butt look big....this includes shoes, purses, glasses and more!

    Nita: I told my hubby that too.....if he saw other people's collections he would actually feel better about mine.

    One of the girls in the LV store always remembers hubby & this time he tells her "Did you know my wife now has over 18 LVs?" and always asks them how many they have....and then tells me "See...they work here and don't even have as many as you!"

  6. LOL! They always remember mine too! He even told them one time he wanted a birthday card or he wouldn't let me come back for at least 3 months. This time he was demanding Christmas cards:roflmfao: When the SA called a while back about the Groom my hubby told him not to let me order anything for one month. MEN!
  7. It sounds like your DH has as much fun shopping at LV as you do!

    The SAs are always so impressed at how much about LV my DH knows as he asks to see bags by name. You know you talk too much about LV when your DH can ID fakes on the street!
  8. LOL addy! Mine hasn't gotten that good...but he has been able to identify LVs in general (and even Burberry & Coach).
  9. LMAO @ your husband twiggers! :P
  10. LOL too funny twiggers!!!!
  11. Your husband is funny,I can see my dad saying something like that.My dad doesnt understand my bag obession. He thinks all you need is two bags(yet he collect's pricey Fender guitar(s) ). The other day I gave him my xmas list (which it was a bag,and other stuff)he started telling my mom "what did she do to my daugheter,all she wants now are bags!". I think my dad wishes that I had cheap taste..
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: OMG that is hilarious!
  13. Yea...that's my hubby....gotta love him! the SAs just smile and laugh....I'm sure they've heard it all before from other hubbys!
  14. My Dad's like that too...he loves his boats, cars etc...but if I buy anything expensive I get a lecture about how hard making money is and that money doesn't grow on trees blah blah blah...:Push:
  15. hahaha, that's so cute! people say stuff like that to me all the time. "so, how old is the louis guy?" "umm, he's dead."