My DH comment on ebay...

  1. My husband is by no means a purse expert, but he made a good point. He said there are so many counterfeits on eBay simply because there is a market for them. Some buyers log on to eBay to buy counterfeits!
  2. You can get some fakes cheaper on eBay than at purse parties! And look how popular THEY are getting.
  3. some people really dont care if they have a fake.

    because they may not be able to afford the real thing, and if the fake is good enough then people will see them with a name brand purse and they get their ego boost. LOL

    and there are some VERY good fakes out there! :sad:
  4. There are also so many fakes because eBay allows them -- there is big money in the fees they collect for each listed item!
  5. A lot of it is down to greed. they really want to believe that the £600 LV bag that isbrand new with tags(& attractive little hanging disc!) is eral so they don't look into itany further. if the seller says its real then they think its real, but only cos its what they want to believe. Sad really.
  6. I don't agree with buying fakes, but I can't help but draw a distinction between a seller who openly states that a bag is fake, and one who LIES and says it's real. The first is playing to what your husband is thinking of as the "market for fakes", the second is tricking buyers. It's a form of stealing, and it's morally reprehensible.
  7. yeah i hate fakes but let`s face it if i hadnt found the lovely PF i would have probably ended up with a few expensive fakes already ... just because seller would have appeared to be trustful with 100% feedback and the description said "real" ... so some people dont want fakes the really end up being cheated on ...