My DH came to a new understanding of LV tonight...

  1. This is pretty funny! Tonight my DH and I took my daughter to the airport to fly off for school. We live in Sun Valley, and there are a lot of people with LV bags, etc, here. When we got to the waiting area, DH noticed that there were several people with not only bags like mine, but luggage as well. (WTF?!:wtf:, he thinks.) He thought it was weird that there were other people out there who carried the same bags! He's so innocent!:lol::lol:
  2. thats so cute! now you will have an excuse to buy more bags "but everyone else is doing it!"
  3. LOL, my Dh has def. learned through the years...I always crack up when he leans over and whispers, "look at that fake" amazes me that he can tell, I guess he does listen to my dribble.
  4. Yes, my husband does that, too, you know, pointing out fakes. He even says why it is a fake as well!
  5. Sounds just like DH..
  6. sounds like my DH as well.....when we go to Chicago we always see so many LVs on Michigan avenue and he's always commenting. He even knows Burberry, Coach & Balenciaga.
  7. a couple of times my darling 3 yr old daughter has yelled out, "Mommy, Mommy, you have that!" (pointing to another woman's LV) :lol:
    it's quite embarassing but funny!...usuallly the woman and i just give each other a big smile.
  8. That's cute! It reminds me of a friend of mine's BF who said, "Hey your bag is the same *pattern* as hers!" Awe!

  9. My husband can now spot LV bags on the television.
  10. BF does that too! and now my dad is catching on...we have such an influence on them1
  11. that's so cute.
  12. You're DH has good taste to be able to spot LV - keep on training him.:roflmfao: .
    My Dh can sometimes spot a LV and will point it out to me if I don't notice, he always asks "is that one real?"
  13. My hubby also started to notice other ladies bags....once he tells me, "Hey, thers the design you you know about that one?".
    I laugh really hard and said, "Yes and it would be nice to get that one too dont you think?" Then he's expression changes really quickly and rolls his eyes at me!:P
  14. soooo cute and sweet