My DH came back from a week Biz trip and brought me .. a Cowboy Bandana??!!

  1. He flew in late last night, so this morning, after his week in Houston, he started showing me the goodies from his biz trip, goofy stuff from the confrence, rubber duck, coffee mugs, other silly bits... He says to me, oh and when we went out to the steak place they gave us this Cowboy Bandana, and I thought it would be nice for you - and it has 35 things you can do with it .... I was enjoying my morning coffee, .. Oh thank you dear LOL .. he says you may want to look at it right now, or soon anyway, ok ....


    Then he says .. I got you another book to help you learn to tie it ....

    and he dug in his goodie bag and pulled out ..


    OOOOh K ... thats cool, so maybe he stopped by and got me the Hermes scarf, naw ... he's never on his own bought me any lux stuff, he always has me go with him or I get it myself LOL, its just not his style .. I couldn't imagine him actually going to Hermes on his own.. as I'm looking at this cool little how to tie your scarf book... he pulls out ...

    A Hermes Box !!!! Yay! He never surprises me like that I was so excited that he surprised me I wasn't even thinking too clear of what was in it, I was pretty Sure it was a scarf I wanted ... pics in next post...
  2. Here are some pics :

    Thanks for looking :smile: I love this scarf and am so happy he made it fun and memorable for me to receive it, hope you enjoyed the story :smile: I think the pink version suited me best when I tried it on in Houston just before we moved up to Calgary a few weeks back, I'm glad he remembered, now to figure out what colours to wear with it.
    3TinaJL.jpg 4TinaJL.jpg JungleLove.jpg 1TinaJL.jpg 2TinaJL.jpg
  3. Congrats!! That's such a hilarious way to give you a present ;)
  4. congrats its a lovely scarf and really suits u
  5. That is an absolutely beautiful scarf, and you wear it so well!!! I love the way your hubby surprised you with it! Enjoy it in the best of health!
  6. OMG......what a howl!!!! GREAT way to give you an Hermes scarf.......LOL!!!! It's a beauty, VISTA and looks really terrific on you!!!! Have fun trying all the different ways to tie it!!!! Your DH is a doll!
  7. jungle love. Your husband is so sweet, and a great sense of humor to present it to you that way. It looks fantastic with anything. Love that scarf.
  8. Congrats Vista, what a lovely scarf and an even lovelier story!
  9. Vista, I loved your story and I love your scarf, you look beautiful:


    I'm intrigued by the '35 ways to tie a bandana' booklet - it there any mileage in there for an Hermes scarf? You'll have to model and post in the 'karma sutra scarf' thread.
  10. Beautiful scarf!
  11. What a lovely " Hubby" can you have him cloned!!
    what a fantastic thought and well what a great thing to do ( feel envious) I cant find a nice DH for love nor money

    It looks just fantatsic on you and its so lovely to put a face to a name
    hi vista
    from blighty
  12. Beautiful scarf. You're very fortunate. Last time I got a gift that nice, an ex had banged up my car.
  13. What a fun story! Enjoy the gift...
  14. What a cute story!! And the scarf is beautiful on you! The color is perfect!
  15. ooh you got your jungle love! yay! i remember how much you wanted it! such a cute story. hope you had a good move!