MY DH bit me last night.

  1. My husband had one helluva nightmare last night. He was tossing and turning and "growling" in his sleep - I mean really LOUD growling - it scared me so with my left arm I reached behind me to shake him to wake up and he grabbed my arm and bit me! Hard! I have a mouth shaped bruise behind my left arm. I screamed and he woke up and was terrified. He told me he was dreaming that he was a feral desert cat and that a pack of wild dogs was chasing him.
    What do you think this dream means?:confused1: (besides the fact that I may be sleeping in the guest room tonight!)

    p.s. FYI - we had pepperoni and sausage pizza for dinner.
  2. Oh you don't even want me to tell you.
  3. Wow, lol. I can't really say what i thought his dream ment.....
  4. Lol:roflmfao: ...been there..bin bit-in-sleep!:wtf: (NOT by your DH....mine!):P (was very gentle though!:love: )
  5. Thats A Great Story. Oh The Things That Happen In My Dreams. My Bf Tells Me Stories Of How I Blab In A Different Language. I Hope Your Okay Hun.
  6. I read the title of the thread and thought hubby was just being a lil kinky.

    ouch who would think sleeping next to your husband could be considered as casualty?
  7. According to my "10,000 Dreams Interpreted" book, your husband's dream of wild dogs could stand for danger, dangerous passions, or dangerous people. This dream could be a way of understanding anxiety.

    Dreaming of being chased means trying to escape responsibility, our own sense of failure, fear or emotions we can't handle. Dreaming of being chased by an animal means we have not come to terms with our own passion (again with the passion thing...hmmm).

    That's what the book says! Not MY opinion.

    Next time, lay off on the pepperoni and sausage. Or get your hubby a muzzle!

    Have fun tonight!
  8. thats very interesting. hmmm. we were just talking about his sobriety earlier that day and how he struggles with wanting to take it more seriously and really commit to it. he was close to my dad as well and after the last 2 weeks (my father passed away) its been very emotional for both of us and he actually fell off the wagon a couple of times. Its been very tough and he beats himself up about it. thanks. that could be it?
  9. I think my DH was just hungry ... I put him on a diet last week...he has acted "funny" ever since!:shrugs: :s :shame: Maybe the thought....I was a pizza!:nuts:
  10. Bagnshoo, it actually sounds like a dream that a person who is having a good deal of stresswould experience. Work stress, physical stress, emotional stress...
  11. yup. thats us right now.
    definitely sleeping in the guest room tonight!

  12. wow. is it a legit language? :lol:
    I'm okay. my arm is sure sore though!
  13. Oh my, I'm just glad it didn't draw blood or anything. How scary it must be for both you and him!
  14. :P So soz you had to experience that! Totally know where you're coming from.

    The bf did that to me once before. Bit me on the shoulder and scared the **** outta me!

    His explaination when I woke him was that he was dreaming that his hands were bound, and someone was gonna kill him, so the only thing he had left were his teeth, so he was "attacking" this dream person who was trying to hurt him.

    He was suitably sorry, but when he wanted to cuddle up and go back to sleep, with his head nestled at my neck, I kinda freaked out cos I was terrified he would go back to that dream, and bite my neck, and I'd bled to death :crybaby:

    I'm just glad we can laugh about it now :shame:
  15. :biggrin: sorry that your husband bit you lol..
    I actually kicked my husband so many times in my sleep :/ like on his leg..
    he'd give me a slap lol I'd wake up and go back to sleep ^^ and I didn't even remember when I woke up..
    I talk like crazy in my sleep and all the works..
    but yeah maybe it's best you sleep in the guest room for tonight..
    but that's a very interesting dream!