My DH appreciates LV! (well, sort-of)

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  1. The other day my DH (not yet a purse-hating husband, more of a purse-oblivious husband, lol) needed stamps and I told him to look in my wallet in my purse, so he walks over and pulls out my koala agenda (probably because it's bigger than my wallet, and also because he doesn't really pay attention to these things :P), and I had to say "no . . . in my wallet . . . keep looking" but before he put the agenda back he was playing with the koala lock and said "this is great! I love this!"

    He has no idea what LV is (though since I started getting some pieces, he says he sees "those bags" all over in downtown San Francisco, where he works), so I thought it was cute that he liked the agenda based entirely on design.
  2. Haha! My DH used to be purse-oblivious now he's more...'purse-receptive';), I guess?!

    Wait 'till he checks out the men's accessories!
  3. He obviously has good taste!;)
  4. Awww, you should hint at him to get something similar so you two can match? ;)
  5. lol i wish my boyfriend was like that haha ...he hates LV ..actually not entirely ..he finds the look nice and classy but thinks you can look nice and classy for alot less $$$ lol!
  6. Very cute :smile:
  7. Very nice tale:heart: I wish my partner adored LV but alas he does not but is very good at spotting fakes;)
  8. aw how sweet. my bf hasn't seen my new bag yet hehehe
  9. lol my bf is also very good at spotting fakes ! He absent-mindedly learned because everytime we were together and i would spot one hed say "how do you know its fake, like for sure?" and i would name him the reasons and the other he comes home and says "hey theres a girl in my economics class she has a fake LV speedy, and i was like how do you know and he says well the LVs were all right side up on both sides and you told me they were upside down on one side!" It was so cute!!!:smile: :heart: