My DH and 'Ms. Perfect timing'...!!!!!!!!!!

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!! My heart was completely melted when I opened my Bithday gift from my DH...He had been secretly seaching & waiting for this BEAUTY! Our sweetest SA kept my DH's secret to surprise me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:She absolutely said nothing to me!!! When I opened the box, there was her Birthday card for me!

    This beauty arrived in perfect timing!!!!!!!!!! What a coincidence~!!!!My DH was SOOO worried that if he had to find something else for my Birthday gift if he & SA could not find anything that I would jump up and down. I can't believe how it could arrive just in time for my birthday!

    OMG, I am just amazed by perfect timing!

    Anyway..heeheehee...She is little shy....:graucho:

    My new baby with my dearest SA's birthday card...
  2. Happy Birthday, Aspenmartial!!! Okay, now let's see your new baby!!!
  3. Happy Birthday!! :popcorn:
  4. She is waving her hand to say 'Hello' to you guys~!
  5. Oiy! I see a Croc arm waving there! YEAH! Happy Birthday AM!
  6. Happy Birthday~~~~~

  7. Yes...CROC:heart:~! Her little belly...:p:graucho:...
  8. oh shoot! more more!
  9. aspen - open it! open it!

    happy birthday!
  10. Oh...:heart::heart::heart:
  11. She will be coming right out~~~!
  12. OMG!!!:nuts:
  13. F5 F5 F5 F5 F5!!! (can't wait!!)
  14. HERE SHE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart::heart::heart: My DH insists that I need to share my joy with you guys (maybe he wants to get come credit...:p)~! She is black croc. Birkin 35cm with GH!!!
    DSC04378.JPG DSC04376.JPG
  15. She and her little another black bicolor croc. sister are going to take a picture together...coming up~!