My desperate last minute purchases before price increase!

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  1. Thank you to those who helped me decide on what accessories I should make before the big price hike that is in effective TODAY for leather goods! I have a 32 cm kelly and a 35 cm birkin (which were bought in less than 2 months within each other), both in neutral colors -- black kelly and chocolate birkin. So what I needed was to add some colors of the rainbow inside the bags... that means fun, bright accessories!!! It didn't work out that well... I wound up only buying one thing for inside the bag, the item that every tPFer told me to get -- a karo. There were two in fun colors, blue jean and orange, but they were in swift leather. The floopiness was already kicking in, and I didn't like that look. There were only 3 other colors in chevre mysore, so I picked the brightest one of all -- vermillon!!

    So I moved on to the next accessory... an H belt to match my bags!! The ideal would have been to get a black box/chocolate togo belt with PH and then buy an extra GH buckle, but apparently that is against H policy. (something about them afraid of people using their H buckles with regular leather belts, which is understandable!). After about 30 minutes of exhausting every single option, I took the coward's way out and bought TWO belts -- black box/marron fonce togo (? not sure about name of color, I was too excited at the time -- it's a deep red with orange undertone) with PH, and a gold box/chocolate epsom GH.

    It was almost time to pick up DD from school, so since DH was there, he threw in a beautiful scarf on top of the already over-my-budget visit... a beautiful jardins d'hiver in rose colorway... I love the pops of purple in the background!!

    I am now officially content with my meager H collection... Hopefully, I won't get the urge to buy more in the near future (aside from a few more scarves and twillies, that is)!



  2. Wow, you SCORED! Congrats!
  3. OMG PERFECT buys!! A Birkin and a Kelly, perfect collection!! Love everything, that scarf is just gorgeous!
  4. Lovely items! The karo is beautiful and the scarf is really pretty. Is the Bearn Cyclamen?
  5. Beautiful choices!
  6. Congratulations!!

    All you purchases are GORGEOUS, well thought-out, and very practical, and ELEGANT.

    Great choices. ENJOY!
  7. Lovely!
  8. yes, great eye!! I can never get my pics to reflect the correct color, with flash is too bright, and without is too dark!! I love the color cyclamen, nonetheless!!
  9. hello2703, Nola, ms piggy, Kelly100, anHermesLover, Ninja Sue --
    Thank you all for your kind words!! Buying the items is great fun, but being able to share them with fellow H lovers is even more rewarding!!
  10. That is a lovely collection! Enjoy and best wishes.
  11. AH! I want a belt! They keep getting further and further out of reach. Congratulations!! :heart:
  12. they are realy lovely :yes: congratulations ^_^
  13. These are very nice. Congratulations kelly32!! :heart:
  14. G O R G E O U S !!!! I love you Wallet, belt, karo ...what the heck...The whole Enchilada!

    Congrats to you, what a great DH to add onto your shopping! Mine never does that...:yahoo:
  15. periogirl28 and angelinne, thank you for your kind compliments!! I'm still on cloud 9!!

    RBB, I have no doubt in my mind that you will get your belt... And I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you that your birkin will come SOON!

    ilovemylife, your kind words from a fashionista like you means a whole lot to me!!