My Designer Bags

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  1. Hello my name is Lauren and I'm new here! I'm 17 years old and first fell in love with designer handbags a little over a year ago after purchasing a faux (kill me, I know :shame:smile: Louis Vuitton at a carnival. Since then I have only purchased authentic purses and my small collection continues to grow!

    I uploaded pictures of my Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Juicy Couture bags. I may post a picture of my Loop NYC bags some other time, although I have so many, it may be difficult to round them all up.

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  2. Love the cerises cles.. as well as the round Juicy bag with the.. very appropriate message for most boys ! ;)
  3. Nice collection! Love that one that say "ditch him!" LOL

    Nice bag to wear when you're breaking up...
  4. So cute...thanks for sharing your pics.
  5. Great collection. I have a Loop bag myself.
  6. I enjoyed seeing your collection :smile: very nice thanks for posting

    Ditch Him is pretty cute too!
  7. Cute collection. I love your speedy!
  8. very cute collection!
  9. Very nice collection!!!
  10. You have a nice collection! Thanks for posting pics!
  11. cute collection. thanks for the pics and welcome to the board!
  12. i saw the ditch him juicy bag today while out shopping. they also had the keep him and the dump him, lol. too cute.
  13. I had a Loop obsession last year. Their bags are so unique and campy. Everywhere I went people commented on them. I'd love to see the Loop part of your collection!
  14. Cute!
  15. WELCOME! Nice collection!