My Designer Bags – I love them all! (jetsetgo!)

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  1. This is not all of them, but the ones I have pix of so far...

    Chanel Blue Metallic Reissue Wallet Bag
    Miu Miu Pleated Tote – Black Leather with Gold Rivets
    Balenciaga Saddle Bag – Forest Green
    Anya Hindmarch Plaited Bag – Silver
    YSL Large Tribute – Plum Patent
    YSL Large Tribute – Black Patent Embroidered Croc
    YSL Med Tribute – Leopard
    Prada Ombre Clutch – Grey/Plum

    plus, a pile including my hand-labeled Balenciaga dust bag.


  2. [​IMG]

    more pix to come of my other bags....
  3. I love the Miu Miu!
  4. Both of your Tributes are absolutely stunning!
  5. Great collection! :love:
  6. Love the bags!
  7. Very nice! Can't wait to see more! :tup:
  8. Nice collection so far! Love the YSL Tributes. I've got one in plum too, and the leopard is HOT.
  9. great collection
  10. Stunning Chanel :love: :drool:
  11. I love the Anya Hindmarch bag! So unique! And the Chanel wallet bag is very pretty as well! You've got a great collection!
  12. Stunning Tribute totes, and your Miu Miu is to die for !

    On an unrelated note, have you ever seen Thunderbirds ? I saw your user name and all I could think was "Thunderbirds are go !" :biggrin:
  13. i agree !!!... so stunning
  14. I love your prada ombre clutch!
  15. Thank you all! :flowers:

    The rest should be posted soon. I hope to work on that this weekend!