My dependable speedy.....

  1. So I am going to my close friends' wedding this weekend in NY and have been trying to decide what to pack for the weekend. I am going to carry a clutch to the wedding but a more important decision is what handbag I am going to travel with and use the entire weekend. I have been carrying my baggy pm the past month but I just can't go without my mono speedy. It's more dependable and holds more and is more organized. It's amazing how this is my "go to" bag. I just can't fathom traveling without it. Why I felt the need to tell you all this I don't know. Maybe because my DH doesn't care and doesn't really listen to this stuff but you guys do. Ok...that's all. :smile:
  2. We are always here! And we all understand...take baggy pm and speedy ;)
  3. I love my speedy so I totally understand how you feel! I'm with ya!!! :smile:
  4. I understand I cannot seem to quit using my Mono speedy!
  5. i second this :yes:
  6. I'm glad you have a bag that you love so much! You will always travel in style then!
  7. I agree with you. I just spent a week in Las Vegas and I took my speedy 30 with me. I carried it everywhere I went and it was great. Have fun!!
  8. post like this make me want to go right out and buy one

    man oh man how lucky not having a store here makes my wallet...!

    have a great time at the wedding and congrats to the couple! :smile:
  9. heck, i'd even use my speedy for the wedding!
  10. Do you go shopping with your Speedy too? Cuz I find it a pain not to be hands free!

    I just realized that your first 2 LV bags are the same as my first two except for the colour of the baggy and the size of the speedy (I got the monogram 30)
  11. My aunt and I actually both took our monogram Speedy 30s to my brother's wedding! :blush:

    So I was wearing this dress: with that huge bag! :sweatdrop:

    A gold miroir pochette would have been better but they weren't out yet! :p
  12. I know what you mean bagladie!! I totally love my speedy, it's so dependable and seems to go with everything!
  13. You are so cute Ann! I love my Speedy too! I have a Damier 25 and just reading your post makes me want to get her out and hug her...oh...and my DH would never understand that!

    Enjoy the wedding!
  14. Some things you just need to say to a girlfriend!
  15. its great to hear this kind of comments, cuz i just bought a speedy 25 :smile: :smile:. awesome awesome.