My Dentelle BH has a snag!

  1. Well, when I bought the Dentelle BH, I was assured that it would NOT snag. Lo and behold, it did. Anyone else's bag snag? Did you take it into your boutique to have it repaired or did you just (:wtf:) snip off the offending thread?
  2. I think you have to be a bit more careful with Dentelle. I dunno about bringing it in for repair (they might just snip it off and say here ya go, it has been repaired without you finding out :smile:). If you cant live with it, maybe try exchanging it.
  3. Disappointed to hear that. I have been obsessing over this bag lately...
  4. yikes! Don't own one myself, but never heard about Dentelle snags, I'd take it to the store to see what they can do about it, especially they assured it won't snag. Good luck and keep us informed! :flowers:
  5. Oh..what a bummer:s
  6. I wore my dentelle speedy for the first time yesterday and although I am very careful with my bags, I guess the constant rubbing (from it being on the crook of my arm), there were multiple snags! Eeeeek! I obsessed about it of course but when I bought it, the SA informed me it may snag and beyond snipping the offending thread there is no repair available for it. I cut off the threads very carefully and although that part of the lace looks thinner, there is not a glaring void. I guess this will be one of those bags that will be more of a showcase piece, not so much a usable piece.

    Please let me know your outcome (will you exchange, repair, or let it be)? Now I am thinking I may need to exchange mine as well...
  7. i'm sorry to hear this. I check my BH for snags after i use it sometimes and have never noticed anything. I asked my SA about the snagging potential when i brought it and she said if it happens to just snip it off.
  8. Sorry to hear that Lori!!! I think that was one of the biggest things we were worried about (well that and the Nomade handles being so sensitive)!
  9. EeeK! So sorry to hear that. I would still take it in and see what they say in the boutique though.
  10. My SA told me it would happen...she's the leather goods manager and has already had several in for repair. I don't know what they do with it. She swayed me from buying one.
  11. I love the Dentelle pieces, but that was always my biggest worry. I'm sorry to hear that. See what they say though at the boutique still.
  12. Oh no, sorry to hear that!
  13. I am SO sorry to hear this!! Please DON'T snip the string. Take it to LV and see what they have to say about it! They may have a way to fix it.