My denim purchases...

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  1. I went to Coach on Sunday with my PCE card and this is what I got... All for under $450!


    New SIGNATURE STRIPE MEDIUM ZIP-AROUND WALLET WITH BILLFOLD- being shipped, should be here soon! In Denim.






  2. Nice haul! love the denim
  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I have the tote and matching wallet and LOVE them! You will LOVE this set! It is soooooooooo comfy to use and VERY lightweight! It is becoming my FAVORITE bag! Enjoy it!!! And I LOVE the scarf and keychain! Good picks :smile:
  4. that tote is soo cute and I absolutely LOVE it with the scarf!!!
  5. Thanks, hehe I'm posting this from my TV via Wii!!! Awesomness.
  6. Fabulous!!!
  7. Very cute....I love the wallet!!
  8. Great haul-congrats on all the stuff
  9. Wow, so neat! You did good on your purchases!! And love the Wii technology!!!
  10. Beautiful haul, and awesome technology!

    I'm looking forward to seeing my own Denim Sig Stripe Tote get here!
  11. Congratulations!!! :yahoo:

    I love that scarf on your tote! It looks so good! :tup:

    Great PCE buys! I :heart: how you are all coordinated!

    Enjoy your new purchases!!! :smile:
  12. Beautiful choices! Love the scarf, and the fragrance bottle is adorable!
  13. I actually bought the tote, keyfob, and wallet first. then went and ate thought about how I technically had $80 left to spend and went back to see if I could use my card again (even though they took it) but she was very nice and let me. :smile:

    So I decided to get that one.

    She asked if I wanted to order any off the site and I thought about the legacy ponytail but I wanted it NOW! LOL So I got that blue one. I figured it matched well.

    I was going to get this one I beleive but IDK it was TOO MUCH print I think for one bag?


    Now I am on the search for more scarves. I found a couple on eBay that I am watching! Keyfobs and scarves are what I want now.

    I am debating whether or not the tote is too small for me? But it's gorgeous.

    But I did look at the sides and they don't line up very nicely. But I can get over that. I think.

    I know some people don't like it when they don't.

    Off to play Wii!

    Thanks for the compliments!
  14. Cute! I love how everything matches!
  15. great choices, I love the denim.