My Denim Cabas Is On Its Way!!!

  1. HEY.....just wanted to announce that its on its way AFTER MONTHS of waiting!! YES!! I used Lisa Hamilin, who I got off of here! THANKS TO WHO POSTED HER INFO!!:graucho: :p :yes: SO HAPPY!!!
  2. i am sooooo happy for you!!! :yahoo:
  3. YAYAYAYYAYAY! Post pics when you get it!!!
  4. Congrats! Can't wiat to see pix...
  5. Woohoo!! Definitely take a picture wearing it!
  6. Awesome, that cabas is a wonderfull summer bag. The denim looks really dark and rich .Did you get the smaller bag ?(which is quite big).
  7. congrats, good luck!!!!!!! looking forward to the pics.
  8. I will def. post pics when I get it!! So excited! I got the large, which I think is going to be great!!
  9. Congrats!! I'm sooo excited for you!! Especially for the pics!!

  10. me too!!:graucho: thanks for all the support PF's!
  11. Early Congrats- post pics when you get her so we can drool!