My delivery man fruaded my signature

  1. Dear everyone, this is a bit of the rant really.

    Thing is I bought a lot of Bbags from all over the world which means that when the sellers send the items to me, they have to be delivered by ParcelForce, UK.

    I like their kind of 'speedy' delivery and tracking all the way through and everything EXCEPT The driver(s) never really waited for me to sign the parcels when they are delivered- and they actually are supposed to wait for someone to sign for the parcels. However, instead of putting the 'we missed you' etc card through my door. WHat he(they) did was to dump my parcels in between 2 of the front doors of mine (the inside one always locked but outside one is always open as I share a house with other people and even I locked the outside door, someone will leave it open) I dont mind about that but when I came to think about it, it is very dangerous.

    What about someone stole my parcels from in between 2 doors??? Also the parcel delivery man never waited for someone to answer. They will just rang the bell then disappear dumping my parcels in between those doors (Why I know? sometimes I was in the house and my room is near the front door so it takes less than 30 secs for me to open the door)

    Now yesterday a parcel was delivered, again the same thing happened, delivery man rang the bell, I jumped out straight away but when I opened the door, he already left my parcel in between the 2 doors. I dont mind about that. However, just out of curiosity I checked the tracking online and on there it said who signed for it and stuff. And you know what? The delivery man tried to fraud my signature and even typed in that I signed for it. Mad mad mad!!!!

    I feel this is very very dangerous now. What if something bad happened after he delivered the parcel, like someone open my door and stole it away? Grrrrr....It makes me so annoyed and angry, especially before I knew he fraud my signature, I called the depot to ask if I can pick up one parcel that is due to deliver on monday. I told the person on the phone that parcel man never waited. She argued saying they have to wait for 3 mins and when I said well he never waited for me to answer...she argued really really angrily saying 'I watched them do it!!!'. It made me so angry because obviously this delivery man did not do what he was supposed to do. Thinking of worst case scenario, what about he decided that he will just fraud my signature and take away the items and never deliver?

    My concern is I still have 3 Bbags which are due to deliver and I am not sure if my complaint will affect on the delivery i.e. how are they going to do with my parcels.


    I plunged my courage this evening to email ParcelForce about this matter, I told them if they can investigate this further and make me remaining anonymous. I don't want someone to lose their jobs out of this but I would like them to improve the way they operate reallly. Not sure if this is supposed to be a good move.

    Please advise me. Thank you very much.
  2. I think this happens way more times then one believes. Here in the US I know UPS had to do it to my packages. I have ordered things with signature required and they have been left at the door.
    I hope it works out for you.
  3. I hope so too. Thank you very much. It makes me so angry not for that they left the parcels at the door but to fraud my signatures. What about something to happen to the parcels? Will they be responsible for it especially they may claim I signed for them when obviously did not. The Mailing company were so defensive with their actions.
  4. I'm in Canada, Purolator and UPS are the same. These delivery guys are just plain lazy. I have ordered GPS, Digital Cameras and even once merchandise for my store worth several thousand $$. The frigging guy just leaves it in plain view and I live on a corner of a very busy street .

    I have frosted glass front doors and a few times I see a shadow ringing my door bell once and within that 5 second that I get to open the door the delivery guy is already in his truck driving off.

    These guys should all be fired. Although these parcels needs signatures they just dump it off. I'm sure these courier companies looses alot of money with insurance with these kind of employees.
  5. How awful! I've heard of things like that happening here in the US but it has never happened to me personally before. I'm sorry this happened to you, and certainly am glad all your items have made it to you safely so far!
  6. Thanks a lot everyone. To tell you the truth I live in a quite quiet neibourhood with my nearby neighbours looking out for our house- so I have been lucky so far. To make the matter worse though my sellers usually were so kind to lower the declared value for me so I dont have to pay too much customs. However, when I find out about this now, I am not too sure whether I should cut the loss and pay for custom (30% of value delared) or what?

    Also since I already sent them a complaint, I don't know how ParcelForce will deal with this matter, maybe they will just ignore me? or will they any revenge on me complaining about them >_< I could not imagine. 3 parcels are on its way hopefully will not be affected by this.
  7. I've not had this happen with UPS, but with FEDEX, where even though they must have a signature, they leave the box on my doorstep. I would file complaint, simply because if they do sign for you, it is fraud, and if they leave it with no signature, and the package is taken, the company is liable. I don't think they will take it out on you, unless it is a really small company with few employees (sorry, I don't know this service).
  8. Oh no this is no good. You must report this, you haev apid for a service you are not receiving. If the bored op on the phone is no good, Write to head offfice and demand an explanation. This guy is going to lose his job sooner or later by the sound of things
  9. I have written to ParcelForce head office but via email though I gave out all my information including the tracking number of such item. ParcelForce is very very big company in the UK, any parcels sent by USPS or EMS are handled by ParcelForce in the UK more or less. I really do hope they will not take it out on me >_< I dont want to make anyone losing their jobs but I would like them to improve the way they operate really. We are all consumers and we would like to be as safe with our parcels as possible right? Especially when we deal with so expensive items. :sad:
  10. Please dont worry about that. I think it will probably make them send a reminder out to all the guys to make sure to obtain a signature and this will alert the guilty parties. It is likely that if this guy is making a habit of this there will be a number of complaints in any case. you do need to say it though. They are often delivering high value insured items and sloppiness is not acceptable
  11. omg... that just not right...:tdown: i hope u can file a complaint and work it out..
  12. i would definitely call a supervisor of some sort. if anything happens to the bags then thatll be really bad.
  13. I would speak to him. Maybe he thinks he is helping you out by not bothering you.
  14. Sorry that happened to you!

    I had a computer come to my apartment last week, and because it was overnighted it wasn't the usual FedEx guy for my neighborhood so he didn't know it was supposed to be left with the rental office if I wasn't here I guess... but I got home and it wasn't in the rental office or at my apartment and I found out he left it next door with a neighbor I have never even met and they weren't home! I called FedEx and was super mad and they said they could come back tomorrow and try to get the package from the people and bring it back to me. WOW. Big help. They also told me they can leave it with anyone they want as long as they get a signature and there's nothing I can do about the fact they gave my $1000+ package to a stranger. I finally got it and we told the lady not to accept our packages anymore. I guess she was trying to be nice but who does that, she should have told the FedEx guy they go to the rental office. Needless to say I won't be using them again if at all possible. I get a lot of packages because there's nowhere good to shop around here, and I have had much better experiences with FedEx.
  15. I purchased 2 suits and pants for my husband at Nordstrom's and they never showed up. Seems the package was left at my house with no signature...memo on purchases said signature required. This time it was with a department store that made good on the merchandise. Afraid they will do it anytime they want