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  1. I don't have any glamour shots of my 2007 Violet PT for you ladies yet, but I thought these would be funny first.

    So when I shower, I like to take my current obsession (cause I can't bring them all) into the bathroom with me to soak up some steam and moisture. Usually I leave them on something soft and clean on the counter, but this time I decided to go McGuyver style since this bag was in need of a good steam session because it felt quite stiff in some parts. I wanted it to soften up a little bit to get that "look" we all pine over.

    Tada! Here she is, IN THE SHOWER (but far from water) hanging on my Taebo stick. Wrapped a clean shirt around the middle of the stick and slid Miss Violeta into the shower, hanging by her handles. I always knew that Taebo "amp" stick would come in handy one day...

    I also cleaned my shower inside and out to ensure there was NO chance of contamination IF the bag happened to touch the glass (which it did not.)

    (Be aware that I contemplated posting this for awhile since I knew I'd look crazy.)

    Obsess much?! Am I crazy? I almost deleted my entire post since this is bordering on embarassing. But then I thought: WTH, just go with it. :nuts:


  2. OK! Never thought about steaming my bag!!! Love yours!
  3. ^^ Thnx muggles. I'm sort of regretting my post now, hahaha.

    Its just a light steam, so far so good, the bag is a smidgen softer now. But being this obsessive, I had to do something last night when I got the bag since I knew I couldn't wear the bag around until today. Make sense? :P
  4. Rere, you truly are a balenciaga lover!!:yes::heart::yes:
  5. i think it's genius! gutsy too...

    do you worry about splashing accidentally? that would concern me most.
  6. Well you know I bet this would be a good way to rid smells out of a used Bbag! Make it fresher, you know when you get an ebay bag or such!
  7. yeah definitely delish!
  8. I'm glad you posted ... I never thought of this as a way to break in our bags! BTW ... she looks gorgeous!
  9. Thanks ambriet. Gusty is right! At first, I was all hunched to the other corner so I wouldn't get the bag wet. Then, I saw that there was no worries so I relaxed a bit.

    Luckily, since we just had the bathrooms redone completely, the shower head sprays exactly where it's supposed to. Just hung the tassels back up on the bag and NO water spray anywhere: just steam. :biggrin:

    Nice eye candy too. :faint:
  10. Brave! And creative!

    Love your Violet PT RERE!
  11. Truly.

    Did you get your Step yet? It's Tuesday today!
  12. Thnx moon, tanj and chus.

    I'm hoping a few more sessions will do the trick. :wlae:
  13. OMG i am going to do that to my RUBY PT GGH now !!!

    what a genius idea, and WHAT AN AMAZING BAG !!!!!!!!!!

    is she new? did you get her from PLANE JANES on MALLERIES ?? :nuts:
  14. oh also do i see a DDF face cleanser in your shower? i use it too ! i love it hahahhaah!
  15. Yes! You little detective, you!

    She is so amazing to work with. I have had the best experience with her as far as how quickly she responds to emails and how we worked out an offer with no issues. Packed nicely, shipped the same day.

    Have you worked with her before? I'm going to be working with Janet again and again, swear!

    Thanks for the compliments frankie! I love it, this is my first PT. Needless to say, not the last. :girlsigh: