My delicious Kooba Rose Wallet!

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  1. This little sweetie is good enough to eat! Just lovely!


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  2. Congrats!!! Yummy! :love:
  3. Awww, Grace. She's so pretty! That's a great wallet and clutch, too. Enjoy!
  4. That is a pretty color! I also like how many credit card slots it has... I always run out of room... Congrats! :party:
  5. Is it white or pink? So pretty and feminine. Does it have a nice sized change compartment?
    What bag are you getting to match it?
  6. It's pinky rose and there's a nice sized zip back compartment for change. I usually keep my chain in a separate little bag though. I don't like ruining the line of the wallets with bulky change! LOL is that nuts, or what? :nuts:

    Anyway, I WISH Kooba made Elisha in this color, how cute would that be together??? I probably will use it with my Miu Miu Ivory Bow Satchel for now.
  7. Lovely! I'm using my Kooba wallet as well....actually, it's the only one I have (chuckles). I was contemplating as to whether to get this rose one for a lighter summer-type wallet (that brown zippy one I have IS rather large and BROWN).....or something else....
    I'm finding a newfound love for wallets!
  8. With the thought of summer in mind, I also purchased the rose version. I've never had leather in this light a tone and I wondered about it getting dirty. Should I protect it with something? Wilson's?
  9. Yeah definitely protect it. I use wilson's for everything! Very cute wallet. I'm scared of light colored wallets so I have a multi use cheap tano brand black one.
  10. I am scared of the light color which is why I also bought the black version. Maybe I should just return the rose and then I don't have to worry. What do you think?
  11. Grace123 that is so cute. I love the pink color I thought it would be a darker pink from the pictures on AE. Congratulations!
  12. Gorgeous colour, Grace, now we want to see pics of that wallet matched up with your bag!:yes:
  13. Very pretty! I like that a lot. Great color!
  14. Ooh, that wallet oozes femininity. It's soooo pretty.
  15. It's a hard choice grace. Black would take a lot less damage but that pink is so pretty too... But for a wallet black would be a lot more practical then a soft luscious pink wallet lol Especially a wallet for everyday use although the pink is pretty to look at.