My DELICIOUS Denim Patchwork treats...

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  1. Moda Mia">

    REALLY? :nuts:
    What kind of outfits have you carried it with? Also how much have you stuffed in it? It didnt loose it shape did it?

    I will probably use the blue bowly first. :yes:
  2. wow, so many new bags, luck you! congrats!!
  3. wow!
  4. woow amazing collection.. and keep the speedy, i love mine, got the same color :smile::smile:
  5. woweee
  6. wow! Great patchwork collection! Keep the speedy!!!
  7. wow three! gorgeous gorgeous! keep the speedy, its really cute and good for when u dont want to carry as much.
  8. wow congrats!!! what a gorgeous collection!!!
  9. congrats! your now queen patchwork:queen:
  10. lovely! Nice denim patchwork familly!
  11. LOL. I'll take it!

    Queen Patchwork I am. :queen::roflmfao:
  12. lovely set
  13. Wow, wow, wow! You are definitely in patchwork heaven!! I am one of those people who changed their minds about the patchwork line after I saw it IRL --- boy, they are beauties, especially the speedy in gray! Love that one!! Congratulations!
  14. Out of all of them the speedy is my fav!! :-]] But they're all beautiful..congrats!
  15. Keep the speedy!