My DELICIOUS Denim Patchwork treats...

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  1. I love the speedy....keep it!!!

  2. Oh geez. Don't say it like that. its makes my stomach hurt. LOL

    That's actually the main reason why I think the speedy must go. $$$$$
  3. Speedy is still my FAV!! yay!
  4. WOW!! love it!! i just tried on the bowly today but i really love the speedy. don't get rid of it!!
  5. Congrats!! :smile:
  6. That's quite the patchwork family you've got there!
  7. I think the speedy is my favorite one. Congrats on hoarding all the patchwork items. :upsidedown:
  8. Like damn!!!
  9. Oooh dang!!! I love your nice haul!!! :nuts:
  10. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'VE GOT ME PATCHWORK DIZZY!!!!!
    heehee!!!!!!!! I literally- HAD TO RUB MY EYES!!

    Don't let Speedy go, IMO - she's the cutest!!!!!!!!

  11. hahahaha!!! I could so hear this out loud!!!

    and I agree- you SCORED!
  12. :love: the speedy and everything, well done!!
  13. I'm soooooo Jealous! Still waiting for my speedy to come in.....
  14. wow, they all look gorgeous!!!!
  15. WOW!:nuts:Nice Patchwork collection!! OOO and don't let the Speedy go! It's beautiful!!!