My DELICIOUS Denim Patchwork treats...

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  1. I have not been excited about too many new Louis Vuitton pieces latelty but I must say that I love love the patchwork line!!!!!!

    I remember when I saw them months ago at the trunk show.

    I came back to the forum to report and soooo many people thought they were hideous (sp?)......Some still do but I see that many have changed their minds.

    Soooo its long overdue but I've finally taken pics of my pathcwork collection.

    The speedy may go....still deciding.

    ENJOY!!! (All us patchwork lovers)


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  2. Oh lordy...that's a lot of patchwork!!! So gorgeous!
  3. So cute! Don't get rid of the speedy. I have to say that I was one of the people that thought it wasn't for me....well that changed once I saw the speedy in person. Now it is one of my favorite bags! ;P

    Congrats on the great collection!
  4. Wowie!!!
  5. Wow, great collection! Congrats!
  6. WOW!....over $7000 G's of Cotton!!, looks fantastic.....and I agree, the Patchwork line IRL is stunning........congrats!!
  7. Holy Patchwork Batman! (Love your collection)
  8. So pretty!!
  9. i love your speedy it gorg, don't let it go!!

  10. Wow :nuts: Keep it :smile: You might regret it :P
  11. ^ :yes:

    gorgeous collection :love:
  12. Wow!!! Congrats!
  13. Very stylin'! Keep the speedy!
  14. I looove the speedy. Keep it!
  15. Wow, I'm jealous!!! I love the patchwork line and would love to own one someday!! Keep the speedy!!! :yes: