My defective Antigua is going to be sent back next week


Which to get?

  1. Brown Antigua Cabas MM

  2. Palermo PM

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  1. My SA just called me yesterday and said that the Antigua from Edmonton is being transferred over and will arrive early next week.

    Do you think I should get the same Antigua or the Palermo PM?

    Here are some pros and cons:

    Palermo PM:
    Would cost $316.40 more
    I already have a monogram Speedy 30, plan on getting a monogram Keepall in the future, and don't want too much monogram in my collection

    I like the pleating and shoulder strap
    Monogram Canvas probably easier to keep clean
    Its fun to get a new bag

    Kinda boring to get the same bag again
    Its a little on the heavy side

    Its my last chance to get it since its discontinued, so I have to make sure I don't regret it if I choose the other bag (Palermo I think is permanent?)
    Has been my most useful bag so far
    I like the way it looks and how its understated
  2. That's a tough choice. Antigua was very useful but I saw the Palermo in person and it's stunning. I love the way it looks with the pleat and the strap. It also fits a lot so I vote Palermo.
  3. I love the way you structured your cons and pros to weigh out your decision.
    I did see the Palermo yesturday at the boutique and she is a beauty. IMO i like it the best.
    Get which ever one you love! even if you had it before...
  4. I'd get the antigua again.. it's a bag that you use, and you can always get the Palermo later ! :graucho:
  5. Palermo !!
  6. Since you've already given the Antigua a whirl, I'd try to Palermo this time around. I love the little pleat in it. :smile:
  7. I voted Antigua only coz it's your last chance to set it. But if you feel bored of this bag then go for the Palmero. Both are gorgeous bags!
  8. is it really discontinued or just certain colors? I'm still wanting out but has no use for it now (waiting till spring)...i would go for whatever you would use most, good luck in your decision.
  9. Palermo PM.
  10. Thanks! :p
  11. I would go for the Antigua. You loved your last bag (before it went all crazy) and you won't be able to get it soon (at least not in the stores). Palermo is permanent, I think, so you could always get that later.
  12. Antigua! Palermo is too close to Keepall IMO, not to mention if you go w/Antigua, the extra 316.40 can fund towards the Keepall! :yes:
  13. One more con for each.

    Antigua: Sometimes the strap falls off my shoulder!

    Palermo: May be too wide since I like to put my bags behind me on my chair without it taking up half my seat (like my Speedy 30) :push:.