My deep red slick leather Ramona...finally 2 pics

  1. Here it is! The first pic was just taken outdoors. The second indoors. This is the bag that is shown on page 44 of the JC Autumn/Winter 2007 catalog. The pic in the catalog is a much better representation of the color as viewed by the human eye. My pics are ok, but just do not look at saturated and deep as it really it. The bag is not orange-y in the least, but more of a blue-red.
    ramona1.jpg ramona2.jpg
  2. Ohhhh. Yummy bag! I did not see that one on your wish list!
  3. Yeah...that was pre-wishlist. I think this style is one of the best looking red bags out there!
  4. Wow, wow, wow!
  5. :drool: i just HAVE to have that color in my collection :heart:...... congrats shes beautiful!!!:tup:
  6. Drop-dead GORGEOUS!!!!!! :tup: The Ramona is my all-time favorite Choo bag. Congrats and thanks for posting the pics.
  7. Absolutely outrageously beautiful!! I've been thinking about this one, but keep thinking I have the Red Mahala, don't need another red.........hmmmmmmmm......
  8. Thank you :yes: Thank you :yes: Thank you

    Red is the perfect color for the fall and winter...really year round.
  9. VERY nice! And red is indeed hot this year! :tup:

    Gris...that red Riki on eBay is calling your name! :graucho:
  10. I'm so partial to red Ramonas... Congratulations. It's gorgeous!!!:heart:
  11. UNREAL, jburgh! Such a striking bag. Congratulations:woohoo::woohoo:
  12. I know!! :yahoo: ...... I've been looking at her ..... and is a great deal .... I dont really think Ramonas/Rikis will be on sale this coming winter sale (maybe) .... they are a very popular bags ..... I hope I found a great deal too when I have $$
  13. What a Gorgeous bag:drool: Congratulations Jburgh on a Beautiful :choochoo: bag.

    I :heart: the Ramona's:yahoo:
  14. Love it, love it love it!!! Nice!!
  15. Great bag, and the leather looks fantastic. Love it!