My Declic experience... pt. 2... help!

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Your feedback was greatly appreciated when it came to buying my new black suede declics, but now, I am looking for feedback about whether I got the right size. I got a 40.5, which is what I have in my pigalles (41 in simples/vps), but my toes are pretty agressively touching the front of the shoe. When I tried the 41s on, my heel would come out the back with some ease, but i'm wondering if I should switch them for the 41s and just put grips in the soles so my foot doesn't slide forward and feel so tight in the front?

    My pigalles did stretch in the toe alot, and now are super comfortable, but I feel like the suede is actually much thicker of a material and they might not, espcially they won't really stretch lengthwise. Did anybody else have a similar situation with theirs?

    I hate to go up a size and have them too smal, but i'm not sure if i'm going to get the give that I need with the 40.5.

    You help is greatly appreciated!!
  2. omg I totally posted it under the sizing thread... why is it here?!?!?

    i'm sorry all...