My decisions are almost made, HELP TPF'ers!!!

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  1. Hey guys!!

    Okay so I have officially decided to get the NF GM DE and one mono bag this week. I am between Galliera GM or Delightful MM..... what do you gals think?!

    Something inside my head says "save galliera for when your older, your only 18!" because it just strikes me as a more mature bag. Do you guys agree? Help me out!!!! LOL

    OH! and as for the azur bag....

    Artsy GM Azur OR Artsy NF GM & Mono Speedy B 35

    something tells me to start my collection then splurge with the Artsy in azur because I just feel like it's so beautiful, but the comfort zone for it is sooo low, especially for long summer days and because I want an Azur BEACH bag, and I know the Artsy is just not that.
  2. Galliera GM is discontinued unless you plan on getting one preloved. But my vote is still with Galliera...and I don't think you need to be older than 18 to rock this purse.
    For azur...yes, I vote for the artsy as well. Goodluck deciding.
  3. Yes i'd plan on buying a preloved one but soo would have preferred buying a brand new one :sad: I agree you can be 18, but do you think the delightful is more suitable? I'm also worried about galliera's aging... :sad:
  4. I prefer the Galliera more. I first got it when I was 17, I'm 20 now and still love it! :smile:
  5. Can I see some pics if you don't mind?? To see how it's aged? :x
  6. I like the Galleria more - it has the plate which makes it a bit more stylish...
  7. I'd prefer the Galliera GM :smile:
  8. Delightful, DE neverfull, DA neverfull
  9. Definitely get the Delightful. The Galliera is a beautiful bag and I do not mean to offend anyone, but in my opinion, it is a little bland. The delightful just seems "cooler" I guess.
  10. Prefer Galliera....
  11. Delightfull mono
    NF GM azur is a perfect beach bag
  12. galliera gm..the delightful gm looks weird on me..i think u should go n try out both n look which one look nicer on u :smile:
  13. I'm interested in the MM, and the boutique is 4 hours away :sad:
  14. Galliera. I've had both and the delightful was nice but the constantly folding the top down Everytime I used it got old very quickly.
    Here is my galliera pm. It's 2 years old. By far the most easy to carry bag I've owned!