My Dear Little Lovelies!

  1. Hahaha......finally need to express my love for these present::yahoo:
    Joy Gryson Rachel
    Balenciaga Ink Weekender
    Yves Saint Laurent Muse
    Chloe Classic Edith
    Henry Beguelin Doctor
    Yves Saint Laurent Vincennes
    **Lie Down I Think I Love You
    Anya Hindmarch Canvas Tote +
    Gucci wallets, 4 BVs and AH coin bag
    **Um.....need to add credits to the Lie Down I Think I Love You bag....although compare with the leather with other designers, this UK designer did not use very quality leather, but the design of the bag is terrific!! (although i still not have the courage to take it out, it's a bit too over~~:sweatdrop:)

  2. can you post pictures again? They were WAY too wide.
    Or please post one at a time, one under the next.
  3. Hahaha's my first time to post pics please forgive me the pics again
  4. [​IMG][​IMG]
  5. i love the chloe edith. thanks for sharing.
  6. Great collection!!!

    I especially love the edith and the balenciaga weekender!!

    The colors are so rich and beautiful!!!
  7. great, thanks!
  8. What lovely colors! All so rich!
  9. I love all your jewel tone bags espc. the ysl vincennes and balenciaga.
  10. lovely!
  11. wonderful collection
  12. Great collection!! Love the leather bags, the colours are beautiful!
  13. amazing collection!! thanks for sharing!!
  14. Lovely collection
  15. Love your Vincennes hobo - that's one of my all time favorite YSL purses!