my dear dad

  1. hello ladies and gents
    I turn to you with a very sad story , but I really don't have any friends around here to talk to.
    I have just found out that my dad's suspected to have a rapid spread form of cancer. We took him to the ER on thursday because he wasn't feeling well for a while and they found out that he has an internal bleeding . Now he's in the hospital , they give him blood and he's feeling better.
    I spoke to the surgeon today and he told me thet he thinks it's cancer , but they don't have the tests results yet and he's scheduled for a biopsy on monday.
    I lost my mother at 14 and my father was my strength, because of him I am who I am today. I can't even talk to my brother or my family, I wish I would be the strong one , but I am not and I am counting the seconds till Wednesday when the biopsy results should arrive.
    Thank you for listening to me
    God bless you
  2. Dia, I am so sorry to hear about your dad's health problems. I hope you get some good news. I will keep him in my prayers.
  3. So sorry to hear, my heart goes out to you. If you need to talk, PM me.
  4. Oh, Dia, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. You are lucky to have a such good relationship with him. I will keep you both in my prayers!

    You can always PM me, too if you need anything!
  5. *many hugs* Hope you feel alright...and Take good care of yourself as well as your dad .
  6. OH NO! I am so sorry...Chin up and wait to see what the tests show..My FIL got diagnosed with stage 4 Lung and Brain CA if you ever need to talk ..PM me..PHH is a doctor and can help answer any questions...I will be thinking of you!!GOOD luck..Let us know what happens
  7. So sorry to hear that....hope things turn out alright. My thoughts are with you! *hugs*
  8. I am so sorry ... our thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad. I hope you get good news on Wed. Stay strong and hopeful.
  9. big hugs for and my prayers are with you and you loved ones.
  10. thanks so much ladies for your support , I have some hope left in me ...
  11. You are in my prayers. Please let us know how he is doing. XXOO
  12. aw sorry to hear that hun, as u said ur dad was ur strength u have to be his strength now..
  13. Oh dia, I'm so sorry. You and your Dad will be in my prayers. Keep us posted.
  14. ((((hugs))))
  15. I am so sorry. I will keep him in my prayers. Just try hard to think happy thoughts, and be his strength. *hugs*