My dear Alexa has boots

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  1. Fiorentini + Baker boots

  2. Those boots are stunning!
  3. Love your new boots!
  4. Gorgeous duo :smile:
  5. Very nice together ;)
  6. Very lovely. I'm a sucker for low heeled boots. So comfy.
  7. Great match!
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  9. Fabulous boots!!! I love them.
  10. I bought another pair (black with straps) but from (I think German) site Stylebop, much cheaper than from the US
  11. Gorgeous combo....hooray for boot weather!!
  12. yeeeee, I say that too,it started is sunny and chilly , not still for boots but it is coming, I feel it, and can not wait to wear these
  13. Lovely boots, perfect match with Alexa !
  14. Such a great match, they are going to look so good together :biggrin:
  15. thanks Lakrits and chloe-babe they look great really

    by the way, Alexa is among all my bags the one which I carry ALL the time !!!! It is so worry free and well made, no ned for babying it at all, and looks better and better every day