My dealer!

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  1. Hello fellow LV addicts! :P

    I wanted to share my two new purchases from the infamous Let-Trade:

    Robert Wilson Reade MM in Pink & Orange:



    I'm going to change the handles though! But, I will take pics before I send them to LV. :smile:
  2. Very cool bags and the colors are perfect for summer? I love let-trade!
  3. Lol *jealous*
  4. Michelle, those are really nice bags!!!:love: CONGRATS!!!:yes:
  5. Very nice I was just looking at those.
  6. I love those bags, rare.
  7. I"m curious how much does it cost to have the handles replaceD?

    and they are yummy and gorgeous bags
  8. Beautiful! Once you get new handles they will look brand new!!

    these are so hot. yes like rebecca i am so jealous (again hahaha)
  10. Love the colors, they remind me of juice..:yes:
  11. So colorfull I'm in love, let me have one michelle! it's so fresh. Two big Candies
  12. Nice bags..! :love: Look so fun..! Wow, you get BOTh colors..? :blink: I'm envious... :Push:
  13. It's from the robert wilson collection, they don't sell very well on eBay. I love this line.
  14. Beautiful bags, in two great colours
  15. Ooooh, yummy! So pretty.
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