my deal of the day:

  1. blk caviar timeless clutch at the pre increase price $895.
  2. Great score! Love pre-increase prices! Never thought I'd say that.
  3. wow how did you manage that?
  4. oh & pix please! Timeless clutch is so gorgeous!
  5. Awesome score! Pics! Pics!
  6. congrats on the great deal!
  7. Whew hoo!
  8. Congrats on your deal! I also got the timeless clutch in caviar before the price increase, it's a gorgeous bag! :love:
  9. same question
  10. pics pls!!
  11. Congrats!
  12. Wahoo for yooooou -- congrats. I don't want to know. Last time, if anyone remembers that thread -- it was a hess of a mess. Some things are better left alone.
  13. Pre increase price means that the chanel price has been increased recently???

    How did you manage to get that item??? I want it !!! Do you think it'll be on sale next year?? :smile:
  14. my SA found the bag at Saks club? which i think is a psecial holding place for Saks employees, and i guess it's been there for awhile, so it still had the old price, and that's why shes able to sell it to me at 895.
  15. awesome deal, takeoutbox, and that's such a beautiful clutch! pics whenever u can please! :yes: