My deal of the century (and latest MJ addition!)

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    HOLY COW! Found this little beauty today on the sale table at Nordstrom for $1099. Thought THAT was a great deal, but then when they rang it up, it was $669!!! I literally was jumping up and down at the counter. Full price it had been $1695! I am still in shock at my good fortune! I went over it with a fine tooth comb. It appears to be in mint condition. I feel it was likely a return, because my Nordstrom didn't get any of these in... and it was not on the sale table a few days ago. The SA said it came in from another store as a transfer for someone who changed her mind and never took it home. Happy new year to me! Oh... and if anyone is interested, there was a green elastic Mina on the sale table, too. Not sure of the price on that one, but if anyone is interested in checking, call SA Carla at 757-314-1111. Whatever the price on it is, I bet you anything it will ring up far lower just like this one did. Yippee! Happy new year, everyone!
  2. Hope I posted the right pics from online... the bag I got is the Elastic Stam in Navy. :smile:
  3. First off, major congrats on getting this gorgeous Stam!!! :nuts: That Navy color is gorgeous! :heart: I love how everyone continues to find such great bags on the sales tables. People's returns are our gains!! :yes:

    I think the pics you posted are actually of the E/W Stam. You got just the regular Stam, right? If so, here's a pic:

  4. WOW!!! That is a great deal! wear her well.
  5. she's gorgeous, i have the same bag in plum and love her. congrats!
  6. luvpurses24, you are right... the one you posted a pic of IS, indeed, the one I got. Thanks for clarifying! Saw on another thread someone found one for $539.90 at Arden Fair in Sacramento, so I'll be calling for a price adjustment. WOW what a steal... that means it will have been more than a thousand dollars off!!!
  7. Yeah that was me, I also got the regular elastic stam, in black. That blue color is simply gorgeous. I think the E/W is more expensive right? $1750 or something? Congrats on a very good deal! See timing is everything!
  8. WOW, great deal, congrats!
  9. Thanks, roussel. I will definitely be calling for a price adjustment thanks to you, my tPF friend! :smile: And yes, the E/W is $1750. I am still marveling at my good fortune!!! For a moment, I felt like that guy on the desert island who's been shipwrecked so long he starts seeing things... like giant pools of water! I saw the Stam on the sale table and thought I was dreaming... because I've been to Nordies about three times since Christmas and it was NOT there before today! Timing is absolutely everything! :smile:
  10. It is so much fun to hear of awesome deals for tPF ladies! Yay! I think we all need to have an SA that will keep looking for the deals for us! :yes: I think they would rather do that than to sell to the people that come in and buy 15 bags to sell on eBay! I hope that isn't anyone here. YAY!
  11. Congrats! The color is lovely!
  12. Great find!! The navy is very rich looking!
  13. The navy color is beautiful! Congrats!!
  14. wow! that is one amazing bag and color, and the price :yahoo:
  15. Man! I wish I could find a Stam in the $500 range...
    Congrats on a great bag!!!:woohoo: