My DD's quilt,that led to other things!

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  1. So,when my DD was tiny,and inbetween moments of manic-ness I had lots of quiet time.....rather than let my brain go any more soupy by watching tv,I decided to put my time to use,so made her a quilt.It was only intended as a cot quilt,when I realised how much work goes into these things I thought 'no way am I ditching this in a few months,I'm gonna make sure it lasts a loooooong time'!
    It was made from bits of DH's old shirts,pj's of mine that I loved the material from etc,and all kinds of bits and peices I had hoarded.This led onto other things.........but firsthere are a couple more shots of the quilt.

    On the back,to hold the backing material onto the patchwork bit,I did different colored french knots,some I shaped into little flowers,so if she didn't want to have the patterned side showing,she could have white with tiny spots of color.....
  2. My pc won't copy and paste pics? So till I get that sorted,I can't post anymore pics!
  3. Oh chaz this is so beautiful!! I hope you get the pics issue sorted soon I would love to see more! Congrats on such nice work. :tup:
  4. OMFrickinGawd, Chaz, that's beautiful!!!!!!!!! And it's a REAL quilt, made from old things, parts of your lives like old shirts, that's wonderful!!!! I love your idea of making it bigger, something she can use forever.. that's my thinking on my quilt-to-be for my Niece.. she's turning 2 in December, instead of making a 'little girl' quilt I want to make one she can use and keep for a long time, that she won't outgrow.

    Yours is amazing, and I love the knots on the back. Sooo.. did you do the squares, then join them into lines, then sew them together on the diagonal? I can see they line up on one side but sometimes not on the other.. I can imagine you having puppies over that like I did, but in the finished project it looks fab and I think really adds to it - it's a labour of love, not the product of a machine! :love:

    I love the diagonal layout too, I think I'll do Mum's like that after seeing yours - it looks so much cleverer but it's sneakily not, hehe! So did you do stitching to properly quilt it or is it held together front-to-back with the knots only? I have to do a little test to see if my Janome can handle the quilting, but I'll only use a thin layer of batting so she should be okay. Am just doing it lazy, sewing in the ditches of each long length of pieces, the seven long lengths I joined yesterday.

    Am dying to see more of your projects now!!!!!!!! Do you have any halfway pics? What an awesome thing to get on with whilst your bub was little. :biggrin: :heart:
  5. Pretty quilt! I want to make things like this for my kids when I have some one day. I think it's so sweet. How long did it take?
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    LOL!! I did mess up on the matching up at first,but by the time I was 'constructing' it I was so far past bothered! It did give me puppies,but then I just thought its a bit of a mix and match with no real structure that mistakes were ok and would kind of add to the handmade look of it.

    I did do it all on the machine...LOL! I am far,far too lazy to have done it by hand! I cut strips of white,then strips of the colored bits,then sewed the long strips together,then cut them so that there was squares of white color etc,then lined them up and re-sewed them in place...does that actually make any sense? I'll try and find a pic of what I mean!
    The front is held to the back by the knots,I had to have it laid out on the floor completely flat to do that otherwise rucks and bubbly bits would happen......for the backing sheet,I just bought a nice quality double size sheet,folded the edges over the front,tacked it in place and then sewed it finally in place on the machine.
  7. I wish I had done that!!! After I made each square,I backed it with 'batting'? do you call it? I just asked for the fluffy quilt stuff in the shop LOL!!! And I only used one layer of it as the quilt is a throw to go over her bed for extra warmth in the winter,in the summer its just folded in half and put over the end of her bed. And omg...ditch sewing,its been so long since I finished this quilt that I forgot alllllll about that bit!!! LOL!

    I actually did do another quilt staight after,my SIL wanted one for her DD,and on that one,I actually got all the squares just right,so there is a proper flow of the squares,it looked much better than this she picked out lots of really strong pinks with some quite retro patterns,teamed with all the white it looked really good,she made great choices on her color scheme...I don't know if i have pics of that one anywhere?

    As soon as I get the problem with my laptop sorted I'll post some pics of other stuff I made for her,I kept on using bits that I had used in the quilt,kind of keeping a theme going.I did do some drawings of some of the stuff I made,as I just winged it on some things,so to get the idea out of my head and into a real thing,I needed a plan to follow so I did my own designs and patterns to keep me on track!
  8. la miss! Thank you! Actually,I should really thank Frankie,it was looking at her gorgeous quilting that got my ass in gear and start the thread!

    sesrup,thank you too! Mmmm,as I made it when I was able to snatch time here and there,it seemed to take ages,and as it was my first,I had to feel my way along a bit...the second one I made was still done in time slots I could grab here and there,I did try to kind of put a time scale to it,and all the time condensed it seemed to pan out to be four days of solid non-stop work...or somewhere around that kind of time scale.
    I wonder,if I had totally unbroken time and could just do it from start to finish without any other stuff needing doing inbetween (housework,DD etc)how much time I would actually need to get one finished?
  9. wow!!! this is amazing!
    I love love love the pattern and colours.
  10. Chaz, I really adore this quilt! Like Frankie said it's proper since it's made from bits and things you hoarded.. thats how it was really done back in the day! Makes it all that much more special. And I really liked how you worked with the colors and knotting! Yes, please find pictures of the other one! Your work is beautiful! Do you have any projects going on right now?
  11. Still trying to resolve this copying over problem.........hmmm
  12. Thank you! I just hope the colors I picked will always be alright...never really go out of 'fashion' for want of a better phrase and that DD will always like it...........took me so long I think I'd be heartbroken if she ever wanted to ditch it!
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    Kittybag thank you!

    I know the pics of the other one are on a cd somewhere,I'll dig it out and upload them onto my pc..I have got other projects on the go at the moment but they are decorating in the house.I have got pics of lots of other stuff I did,I really have to get this glitch resolved.Normally I can copy pics over from photobucket and paste them straight onto here,its not doing it at the momet,although I managed it when I started the thread so I've no idea what I have or have'nt done for it to stop working?
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