My day yesterday - so sad!! (neighbors dog)

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  1. Well, yesterday we were delivering Girl Scout cookies in our neighborhood. We brought our new dog Taz along for company.

    As we were walking, a lady jogger runs up to me and says " I need help!"
    Trailing along side of her is a large black dog. I ask her immediately what
    the problem was, and she said that two dogs were running along a busy street and one was struck by a car. The driver of the car didn't even stop!:cursing: The wounded dog was able to crawl to the side of the road, under an evergreen tree. She said that the black dog, Mary, stayed with the other dog, Midge until she died. :sad:The jogger brought Mary with her to our street because no one would stop and help her. These were not her dogs.

    Well, it turns out I knew the owner of the dogs. She had the invisible fence put up and apparently it didn't work. They had made their way to a busy street near our neighborhood where the worst possible thing happened. When they went back to the accident site, Mary wouldn't go near her.

    When she told her boys (4 of them) what happened, they were upset because Midge died alone. Their mom had to remind them, that she didn't, Mary was there by her side.:crybaby:

    So sad....
  2. How horrible!
  3. oh my gosh! that is so sad!
  4. That is so sad. I am glad that Mary stayed with her sister until the end.
  5. omg, that's so sad!!! I'm glad that 1) the dog had company, and 2) someone found them! Otherwise, who knows how long they'd stay under the tree without anyone notifying their owners :sad:
  6. that totally breaks my heart.

    It's interesting how dogs grieve. I hope the person who hit Midge is found and PUNISHED!
  7. That's so sad! And how can you hit a dog with your car and not stop?!?!
  8. :crybaby: That's so sad. I hope your neighbor and kids feel better soon.

    That's really my number one fear if my dogs get into the street and get hit by car.

    I hope that driver meets karma VERY soon.
  9. omg..thta a sad story..:crybaby:
  10. Its so sad. But at least, she didnt die alone. :smile:
  11. those poor kids! (dog too of course)
  12. what a shame. sounds like the 2nd dog had more compasiion than that despicable hit and run driver.
  13. that is so can someone do that, hit another living being and then drive off

    i wonder why mary (the black dog) didn't want to go near midge again...

  14. I agree that its absolutely terrible that the driver didn't stop.

    I'm not sure why Mary wouldn't go near Midge. It happened twice. We tried to walk back to the "accident" site but she put her butt on the floor and put on the brakes. Otherwise, Mary would follow us anywhere.:shrugs: Then, the owner took Midge home and Mary still wouldn't go near her as the boys said goodbye to Midge. :crybaby:

    Its just so sad and makes me hug my doggies (and my kids) a little tighter.
  15. So sad.