My day today at the sydney store!

  1. it was quite good, saw alot of things I am debateing whether to get the pouchette cles prefro here in australia or not, i will be paying an extra $70 but i will have it for sure if it is sold out or not avaliable in europe then I probably will never be able to get it (from the store.) I talked to the SA for about 3/4 of an hour and he seemed genuanly interested in talking to me/establishing a client becuse i repeditely told him my family will be buying all my lv from paris so i wasnt planning on buying anything at the store, i was purely looking for what to get. He was so nice that im thinking of buying it form him purely to establish him as my SA and have a connection within the store, but he did say that in a year he is planning on going back to france in a year so it might be a dead end connection.
    for everyone that was woundering, i didnt see any of the damier speedys (but i didnt ask to see any so they might still have some) they were sold out of the keepalls and i saw the new brown suhali its gorgous IRL, it looks horrorable in the pics and i hated them, same withthe fringe bucket i know it was said before but the bucket is so gorgous IRL, and they had one Oueva Carryall in stock, it is nice IRL but i dont love it and i think its way too hieped up.
    i also went to the gucci sale and found nothing that really grabed me. them to hermes, i was convinced that the bracelet i was having ordered in was too small for me and so i cancelled the order, i saw the store which was under constuction, it wasnt as good as i imagined, i expected the whole store to be warapped as a box not just the pannels but meh, turned off hermes now, good thing for the wallet.
    thanks for reading
  2. Seems like you have a loooong day:P Hey did the price increase in Aus LV? Did you buy the pochette?
    I went to Gucci this morning but did not buy anything.Did not step into LV but sooo tempted:sad: ( no more till next year:cry: got to save for the new mirror line:graucho: heard that it'll be here Jan )
  3. I didnt ask for the prices of stuff becuase my family will buy it for me in france, one of the beauty cases was 3800 and the other one was 5000 or so, Im so unsure about getting the cles should i risk it or not $70 is a significant amount? the sa also said the keepall 45 was 1800, which im sure is a mistake cos 3 weeks ago it was 1400 so i dont think i fthere was a price hike that it would be that much, the keepall 60 was also out so he might have got it confussed
  4. Sounds like you had a good visit. We didn't experience a price hike as prices here are already WAY too high in comparison to the rest of the LV world:P
  5. great visit but so unsure about the pouchette is $70 worth the fact that i will have it seureed as mine or should i take the chance, does anyone know if i cant find it overseas that i will be able to order one over and what the chances of that happening is?
  6. Great day !
  7. I miss sydney! I love that place, my home, sooo much! glad to know you had a good day
  8. I would personally get the Seasonal items in Australia (or where ever you are) cos I'm afraid of not being able to get it later. Items that I would get in France would be the lugguges and permanant line like the Mono, Damier.. You'll definately save around 30% if you go to France to get LOTS of items.
  9. hey this was 4 moths ago guys! lol Well if u havent checked out my other post I'll give you a run through : I didnt buy anything from oz, i risked it and my family bought me all the LV i wanted (incl. the Cles) in Paris, i saved i think $550-$600 through the adventure it was well worth it, but i knew i would get it since i called and confirmed 2 days eariler. anyway i ended up getting: carryall in mono Perfo cles Shoulder/s for carryall
  10. Great haul, congrats!
  11. OH I see... False alarm, then...

    Congrats on your purchases! Any photos???
  12. i do have photos in a thread i will track it down 4 u, since then i also bought a glace bobby bag and guess what now im broke so no more lv?! :sad: T4P btw!