My day on bloor...

  1. Today was a great shopping day some of these are not LV but since they all were purchased today on this trip they made their way in
    DSC01641.JPG DSC01636.JPG DSC01631.JPG DSC01642.JPG DSC01632.JPG
  2. Me wanna see! I miss bloor street sooooo much! The shopping here in MN sux.
  3. Now for what is inside :biggrin: The new Prada touch phone, Prada boots, Gucci pack and Damier Agenda PM :heart:
    DSC01634.JPG DSC01635.JPG DSC01637.JPG DSC01639.JPG DSC01643.JPG
  4. Oh la la! I wanna see too :smile:
  5. wow ... great purchases! congrats!
  6. And my favorite of all my Damier Speedy 25:graucho: and a few refills for the agenda from China Town which are great :woohoo:
    DSC01648.JPG DSC01647.JPG DSC01646.JPG
  7. Yay - we're belt bag twinsies, it was such an awesome deal ! :graucho:
  8. Nice :nuts: Congrats :yahoo:
  9. Very nice!! Congrats
  10. oh wow, nice! congrats!
  11. Love the agenda refills. That the thing I miss most about Toronto. The multiculturalism. I have had good indian food i god knows how long. LOL
  12. LOL yes TO is great for that. They have anything and everything almost. Thanks everyone. I had a lot of fun today it was in my books better then going away to a resort and sitting on the beach. I would have spent more if I could lol
  13. Wow! I love the variety!
  14. Congrats on the new purchases!
  15. Great purchases :smile: