My Day in Chicago...I Was Bad...*PICS*

  1. So a little preface to my pictures:
    I took the train to Chicago yesterday (I hate driving in the city in my big pickup)...after hubby bought himself a nice expensive toy. He woke me up in the morning and said "honey, go to Chicago". So I went alone...which was really enjoyable because I could linger in stores without the hubby sitting on a couch glaring lol

    So anyways...I started my trip at Hermes....was looking for a new scarf for my speedy....then on to LV, Tiffany's, Saks, Bloomies, NM, Nordstroms, Marshalls....and more. I had a blast!

    SO here is a little peek at my loot:


    First stop was Hermes. It was my first time in there...they were sooooo nice, even though I wasn't buying a Birkin or anything. I ended up with a square pochette (I was tossed up between that or a twilly for my speedy...and liked the pochette more). Here it is:

    **Sorry for being upside down lol**

    Then it was down to Michigan Avenue to the LV boutique. Usually I shop at the LV in Saks...but this was so much fun! I first tried the mono Lockit and I loved the shape...but wasn't a huge fan of the leather on the bottom (I'm so paranoid about dirt). I also tried the Batignolles, papillon 30, manhattan, damier speedy 30. I was switching purses with one lady as we were walking in front of the was a blast.
    So I originally came in to see the lockit and order it, or walk out with a papillon 30 or maybe damier speedy. But then....the lady hands me the batignolles....sooooo cute. Then she pulls out the BH and Batignolles Vertical....OMG I loved them all! I ended up with......





    The VERTICAL!!! I loved it because I can sling it over my shoulder and it doesn't catch on my arms of anything...whereas I found the horizontal didn't give me complete room to throw it on the shoulder and back (if that makes any sense)....and the regular batignolles was soooo cute, but heck for an extra $130 I went bigger

    Then down to Saks LV...and picked up:

    Drooled on the entire train ride home looking through it.

    Also managed to pick up some SFAM jeans on sale at Saks, a juicy shirt, and a couple pairs of shoes (and some silver cleaner/clothes for my Tiffany jewerly). a good look at the bible. Before the price increase the groom cles was $190 and releasing in October. The mini mono lin releases in October as well and is approx. $600 (I think the book said $585 but that was pre-price increase prices). My SA is going to call me as soon as she gets the mini mono in so that I can stop by and take a look before buying. was a fun day!!! Hubby says I'm cut off...but still going to buy the cerises pochette this week, and then take a break HAHA.
  2. Wow, great purchases. I would drool on the way home as well.
  3. Awesome purchases :smile: thanks for sharing.
  4. woooo, yay for shopping trips!
    those are some great buys...
    post pictures of you wear them!
  5. Congrats! Sounds like you had my favorite kind of day :yahoo:
  6. Thanks for sharing! I love the scarf! I was looking at a similar scarf at H boutique the other day. of course, the bag is beautiful
  7. I should definitely one day get my hubby to take pics of me wearing bags and then post them in the sticky thread.

    Thank you all!!!!!!!!!
    I'm cut off from my shopping days for awhile so I've got to enjoy this shopping/LV high while it lasts!
  8. Aweeeeesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Nice haul! And I don't think you were too bad of a didn't go overboard IMHO. You were a *smart* girl and chose some lovely things! Enjoy!!!
  10. Thanks Danielle.....I was holding back because I know I'm ordering the cerises pochette and also planning on a CB piece I quickly put the Manhattan back!
  11. awesome shopping trip!
  12. twiggers!!!!! What a great shopping trip!! I loved how you unveiled your purchases!! Congrats and enjoy, I love them all!
  13. That Hermes scarf is TDF and congrats on your new LV.
  14. Congrats on your purchases! It looks like you had a great time!
  15. I love your scarf and BV! Such a great shopping trip for you.:love: