My day brightens up my day!

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  1. It's gorgeous! I love Officier ... one of my favourite blues. Congrats!
  2. love the blue of officier.... congrats on finding one in great condition!! i love blue days.
  3. Nice! Congrats!
  4. Gasp... it's lovely!
  5. Gorgeous blue!! The day is a great bag!!
  6. I think that Officier is my favorite '09 color! So much depth, but as the same time, very neutral. Excellent choice!! :smile:

    Be sure to post some modeling pics so we can see her in action!
  7. Your bag is so pretty, I LOVE Officier!
  8. so pretty!
    congrats :smile:
  9. You guys are all so sweet. Thank you.

    Ehemelay - I'll try! I took a modeling pic earlier but the mirror was a bit dirty and it was a little too shameful to post. Perhaps I should have spent more time cleaning and less time researching handbags. :lol:
  10. post it anyway ;)
    lol we are used here to dirty mirror pics sometimes.. it is no big deal and I would love to see you modeling it :tup:
  11. Well, okay, here they are!


    I'm loving the slim profile. It's so easy to wear!


    Yeah, I'm definitely going to work on that mirror...

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  12. ^^ beautiful :tup:
    you look great with it!
    thanks for posting :smile:
  13. juz sooo love it!! congrats!
  14. Yay, we're bag twins :ghi5:

    Many congrats on your gorgeous Officier. It looks perfect on you. Enjoy it!
  15. Your Officier Day is gorgeous! The leather is amazing. Congrats!