My Day Bag..

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  1. I bought my first ever Balenciaga bag!!!!!!​

    :biggrin: *SMILES SMILES*:biggrin:

    Got it in Bangkok, Thailand ... a shop called Club 21 ... They had ALL the ColorS of Spring 2006 ... A wide variety... I totally got hitched to the grey color....

  2. Wonderully versatile, congrats! prepare thyself for addiction.
  3. Already am addicted from this Forum...
  4. so pretty! congratulations!
  5. omg! it's gorgeous... congrats!
  6. man, i think a day bag is going to be my next b-bag, the more i see them, the more i like them.
  7. congrats!!!!!!:heart: :love:
  8. me too! i seriously think it will be my next b-bag! :love:

    congrats on your new b-bag!!! :amuse:
  9. wow me three! i want a day hobo next!
  10. nice day bag! i didn't know thailand sells balenciaga?! that's good to know. are the prices on the bag the same as US?
  11. congrats on your new bag!
    good luck with your new addiction ;)
  12. Me four! :rolleyes:
  13. Congrats Moonlight! It's gorgeous in grey!
  14. Wonderful bag! I DO like this style...

  15. Love your bag! I have a day in rouge and love it!
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