my day at the outlets!!!

  1. Hey everyone, well I planned a speacial week long trip (just an excuse to come to the outlets) in Orlando. Well I got up early, excercised, and went on my way to the 1st stop Prime outlets. I was soooo dissapointed. No good bargains and harldy a selection!!! Actually I didn't but anything at Prime at all. Well I was very discourage but gave shopping another shot at the Premium outlets!!! Well, I found a black signature swing pack. for $80 on sale, but I only paid $40 cause I had an exchange. Well I am going to the boutique tomorrow!! wish me luck!!! if anyone is planning on coming to Orlando.... go straight to premium and don't waste your time at prime!!! LOL..... Talk to ya later!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. The Coach outlet in North Carolina (of I95) can be a little disapointing as well.
  3. that is funny, weekend before last I was in Orlando and the outlet at Prime had a better selection than the one at Premium. I did run through the one at premuim this past weekend and noticed some 30% off signs, wish I had found something I couldn't live without. At least now I don't feel like I missed out since I didn't get by prime. But there is always next weekend.