My Day At The DMV

  1. I spent four hours at the Department of Motor Vehicles today and I should have brought a book or some hand work...something! I don't drive much because I will not pay so much for the gasoline (whole other topic), but the state requires I register my truck anyway. I wanted to do this whole thing online, but I am late in getting the registration and did not want to wait the extra week or so to get my tags. So, off to the office I went. I made sure to go early, but I was under the impression the DMV opened at 8:00 am. They open at 7:00! It was packed already. I had to get in line to get in line! Okay, really my fault for doing this on a Friday.
    All said and done, the worst part about the process was the wait. The State of Arizona took my money readily enough [​IMG] and gave me my tags after making sure I had insurance. I hope next year I will do this on time and online!

    Man, I hate waiting!
  2. Hey..if you lived in NJ..THE DMV is CLOSED..government could be worse!!!!
  3. Ugh, I hate when things like that happen! That must of been really really boring
  4. I'll go mentally insane if I stay in the DMV too long. Luckily for me I've only made two visits. The first was insanely short for the DMV but the second was a few days ago and I walked out after about 10 min. I'm just going to make an appointment.
  5. I HATE the DMV! :blink: . I had a super long wait there too when I had bought my car from one of my brothers and had to get WA state plates...they charge you sales tax on the 'estimated' value of your car (looking through some ginormous mysterious binder). I about bolted over the counter and punched the poor woman when she quoted a price about 3k more than I paid for my car (which was straight blue book value!). Anyway, she caved and I *only* had to pay $1200 to get my WA state plates. Man, they should be gold plated after all that!!:censor:
  6. hehe, I hate the DMV as well but glad that u got what u came there to's a real hassle but yes, ppl do wait in line almost forever just to get out of there early..
  7. Ugh! I absolutely HATED going to the DMV when I still lived in the states! About 4 months before I moved to Germany, I went to Virginia and had my MD license transfered to VA so that I wouldn't have to take (and pay nearly 2000 EUR) the German Drivers License test. I had a valid address in VA, so that wasn't any problem showing proof of residency, etc and I thought that I could just head to the one in Tysons Corner, so that way I could do a little shopping when I was done. HAH!! I got there at around 9am and it was absolutely packed! I waited for nearly 4 hours just to have my license transfered over. And what was even worse, was that their SSN checker system was down, so they literally had to CALL IN every single inquiry! Bleh.
  8. WOW these stories about the DMV are horrible!! Why does it take them FOREVER? You would think they would learn to build huge DMVs, overstaff them and have everyone in and out in no time! I had to renew my liscense and it took me 2+ hours just to get called to a booth to let them tell me what I already knew (had to take the state test again as I got a ticket for speeding) and then waiting another hour to go to the booth to take the test, pass the test, and waited some more for them to take my pic! I loathe the DMV!!!