my day at the dior in london

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  1. i'm back with a report! i didn't buy anything though, but here's a run through of what i saw from the new bags they have available online...

    dior cannage hobo

    it looks much better in real life, and is HUGE!!!! it looks more like a messenger bag to me than a hobo but the leather is definitely very soft and lush. i like the leather they used for the hobo more than for the cannage drawstrings.

    dior lovely tote bag

    didn't care for it. it looks pretty "meh" in real life, like a sloppy cousin of the "my dior" bags.

    my dior east/west bag

    it looks gorgeous!!!!! i'm not a big fan of the "my dior" range (i think it's okay) but this was really pretty when i saw it. it's definitely going on my want list. and it looks like it could hold a lot of things too.

    lady dior evening clutch with rhinestones

    it was the one item i really wanted this christmas but when i saw it in real life, i thought the pictures looked better. it's not that stunning, truth be told. i was kinda disappointed actually. the 900 pounds price tag definitely is not justified.

    dior gaucho evening clutch

    i saw the red with silver metallic strap version of this. it is definitely definitely TDF! the red was a rich vibrant red (think femme fatale screen goddess lipstick crimson red) and the matte silver strap contrasted nicely with it. it's a nice size too for a clutch. very gorgeous. i would definitely have bought it if they had it in the other colour i was eyeing.

    trotter romantique bags

    i've seen them before at the dior in manchester, but i only saw them in the brown colour at manchester, it was nice seeing the beige version, but i find it too pale/white (the older line with the pinkish beige is nicer, imo). they're really cute though, and the small leather goods from this line are very cute. i noticed that the wallets/pouches with the little leather ribbon come in a very pinkish colour rather than the pale beige colour used in their bags (and some of the wallets with the dangling d/heart lock).

    and then, i saw a REALLY CUTE version that i've not ever seen online... the trotter romantique with CANNAGE QUILTING ON IT (in dark brown leather!). it's reaaaaaallly reaaally gorgeous, like a more "grown up" version of the monogram version that we're used to seeing. and the leather looks (and feels) very soft. they didn't have it in a flap version (i merely saw it in the bolster/circular tube shape version) but if they had it in a flap, it's another add-on to my wishlist there.

    small detective bag in red crocodile skin

    OH MY GOD. THIS IS THE BAG I WOULD WANT TO HAVE. the red is a deep burgandy red, the trim for it is absolutely gorgeous, it's just beautiful. i always found the detective bag to be a work of beauty as it is, but seeing it in a the crocodile skin, it made my heart skip several beats. it's much much smaller than the medium detective that i'm used to seeing, and but it's small/petite in this really cute coquettish way.

    lady dior east/west tote bag

    it's much like the lady dior tote bag i got ( BUT the quilting is perforated instead! and you get little pink dots making up the cannage pattern. it was so beautiful, i was kicking myself for getting the one i have and if i had the spare cash, it's one bag i would love to get (even if it's the exact same bag as mine, just with a much more beautiful quilting). it is TDF, and the best test was when my MALE FRIENDS (who came along with me) all asked me to get that bag. it's a definite winner. there was a pink version of it too (with a contrasting black dot quilting) the quilting is much like the studded lady dior in case anyone is trying to mentally picture it.

    limited edition saddle bags

    i saw the french, english, moroccan and argentinian saddles. the english is just like the picture Chloe scanned for us, but what blew me away was the french and moroccan ones (like Chrystalline mentioned). call me crazy, i think the hefty price tag is definitely definitely worth it for those 2 saddles (and the english one too). someone from TPF go buy it please! and again, my two male friends agreed and thought that overall, the french saddle was truly very gorgeous. (they're cute, they trekked along sloane street & harrods with me, and even looked at the bags in dior, chanel and LV with me. they even took a picture of the marni boutique).

    but back to the saddles, Chrystalline's absolutely spot on in her description of them, the moroccan one looks much more intricate in real life with the beadwork and the blue colour is probably the perfect shade of blue! it's not too dark, and the best i can think of is that it's like a rich sapphire blue. the french saddle, well, what can i say, if i had kids, i'd probably sell them for the french saddle. :graucho: the pearl handle is definitely very feminine and delicate looking. the detail on the bag is pretty, it's the perfect saddle (and i'm not even a saddle fan!). now maybe if i sold all my bags away.. got a loan from my parents... :idea:

    i saw the cruise collection gaucho too - the beauty that Chrystalline has - in the store too. and yes, it's as gorgeous as chrystalline's pictures of it. ;)

    all in all, it was a great trip down to both the dior in sloane street and in harrods. (the harrods branch was crazy busy!) there was a woman browsing the entire basement level of clothes in dior and you could tell she was someone very important (they had security standing by the steps leading to the level), the SA was fawning over her and bringing her clothes to see, they were serving her whiskey (i think). i didn't recognise her as any celebrity though (i'm as blind as a bat, so she could have been kate moss for all i know!).

    the SAs mostly left me on my own (which i was fine with since they didn't have the trotter romantique flap and thus i had nothing in particular that i wanted to purchase) but i found the sloane street branch to be much better in service than the one in manchester. :Push: of course nothing tops my horrid experience in chanel yesterday. i felt so "mis-treated" by the SAs in chanel, it was so obvious they couldn't be bothered with me because i looked like a "kid" as compared to the rest of the customers in chanel. and the irony was, i was all ready to buy the ligne flap i've been eyeing for christmas (or get the coral coloured wallet they had on the shelf) but after getting the shoddiest treatment by an SA (anywhere) ever, i got really miffed and commented loudly to my friends that the "service is atrocious" before leaving. thinking about it, if it weren't for the fact that we were all knackered from walking about so much, i would have asked to see the store manager. :cursing:

    all in all, it's still dior for me! :heart::heart:

    p/s oh and i've never seen so many chloe bags in my life before! i mean, i must have seen more than twenty women carrying a chloe bag when i was in london.
  2. Well, if you will hang out in Knightsbridge.... :whistle: Last time I was down that way I saw 7 Ferraris :amazed: I do love Harrods tho', especially the bag room aka Room of Luxury.
  3. OMG! All these new bags (and even the super rare saddles which I don't think we will ever get in Canada)!!! I didn't see a lot of the ones you mentioned just 2 weeks ago (or so).

    I totally agree with the Detective's such a timeless and classy piece of art. I can't wait to get one in solid color (my old one which I sold was denim and tan leather, and doesn't look as impressive as an all-solid color version). If the crocodile version is still around in a few years I'm so buying it!

    I saw the cannage trotter romantique bag last time, too. I thought that the combination was amazing, although they didn't have it in beige.
  4. Hi Zerodross,

    Glad you had a good time in Dior London.

    OMG. I read in your other post that there was no Morroccan saddle anymore in Sloane after what, just one day :crybaby: ? I was hoping no one would buy it, then they may mark it down and I would able to buy it :nuts: . Haha fat chance I know, but I can dream. :P The detective bag is just a beauty ins't it? And it sits in the counter like it is her throne. Love it.

    Sorry about your Chanel experience. I really don't know what's the problem with some SA's, it's like they have to uphold the brand's exclusivity by being snotty and snobbish which is really not good cause it's bad PR for them. Oh well, their loss. Hope you get your Chanel bag. :flowers:

    Oh, don't feel too bad about being left to your own devices in the Sloane store. They do that to everyone if they think you are just there browsing. Which is good because I really don't want someone following me and looking at my shoulder and telling me that every bag i try on looks superb on me. Too much pressure to buy, don't like at it at all. But if you are really looking for something, they usually are attentive :smile:.
  5. mmmh i don't like "gaucho" bags and "cannage". i love "Diorissimo" bags. "Trotter romantique" are very nice!!
  6. it was just weird seeing so many chloe paddys around in a couple of hours. or maybe it's because i'm used to NOT seeing any designer bags being carried around here in sheffield (the closest thing i saw was a mulberry ledbury which some girl in my tutorial class carried).

    i saw a fake balenciaga motorcycle bag whilst on the tube though. and i'm pretty sure some of those paddys looked pretty fake. :shrugs:

    and yup, i :heart: harrods, bar the crazy PETA people campaigning outside about fur. i saw them harange some posh looking lady with a white fur coat. :roflmfao:
  7. oooh if only i could take some pictures of them! i was quite pleasantly surprised that they had all these new bags in the store (but i guess since it is the main boutique and it is in london, their stock had be impressive, heh, i feel like some rural folk who gawked at everything in the store)!

    i hope the croc version is around too. it is just absolutely gorgeous. i saw one in sloane street and one in harrods, so i guess they aren't flying off the shelves! *crosses fingers*

    ah, dior is just coming out with too many pretty things and making my impending bag ban very difficult to bear. :sad:
  8. i was shocked too when i didn't see the morroccan saddle after you mentioned that you saw it. i was thinking it must be really crazy that in the space of a day someone just dropped a cool 2000 odd pounds on a bag just like that. i saw the morroccan saddle in the harrods branch though, so maybe they just transferred it over there? and i'll be crossing my fingers for you that they'd one day put it on sale. :graucho: i'm hoping the french saddle would be on sale, or that nobody would buy it at all (they've got 1 in sloane street and 1 in harrods. that's a LOT i should think!). maybe if nobody buys it for a year, i'd be able to save up enough to afford it. absolutely crazy idea but here's to hoping! :drinks:

    oooh the detective, i wonder how much it is. i didn't even dare touch it because it looked so pretty just sitting there.

    and yup, i totally agree that it was nice to be left alone. it felt better than being harrassed by the "can i help you" SAs in manchester. overall, i really liked the london dior much much better. if only train tickets weren't so crazy expensive (it was 53 pounds for a saver return! i don't know how my friend managed to get her ticket for 6 pounds) and yup, i'm hoping to order the chanel bag from the SA in hawaii tomorrow. (he was off sick today)

    on a side note, IT WAS REALLY COLD YESTERDAY! there i was thinking the weather would be milder down south, but i was frozen half the time. :sad:
  9. How come you didn't go to Selfridges?

    I think Harrods has a better Dior selection.