My day at Barneys

  1. Yesterday I went to Barneys, the one located in Chicago, to look at the F/W b-bags. They had a bunch laid out on a long table. They had a couple of Grenat, India blue, and Black cities and days....lots of weekenders....BUT all the bags looked very distressed and veiny!! I was so disappointed! The bags looked almost cripsy! I told the SA how I felt about the look of the bags and she told me that the veins and crispiness is a way to tell that the bags are authentic! She went on and on about how the smoothed leathers bags are all fakes and the only way to tell that the bag is real is by its veins! Was this woman insane or what??
  2. Sappho , i feel for you.
    some of us on this forum been having the same experience too with SA that sold b-bags too.
    they talked like they knew everything.
  3. Did you really mean Blue India - or did you mean Blueberry?!?!
  4. was a dark blue...maybe it was blueberry? I am not really sure what the difference is between those two colors. Sorry!

    I just want to also add that the ridiculous SA told me that it doesn't matter what year the bag is since they make the same styles every year.....she said this to me because I asked her what year/season a black messenger bag was from. Unbelievable!
  5. i have never been to Barneys since there is none near where i live. but i called several stores before..... and all the SAs that i talked to on the phone are rude.
  6. Some (most?) SAs don't do extensive research like we do about these bags. They work there but most probably, they are not as passionate about B-bags. Unless they're being rude, I don't sweat the "sales talk".

    I remember back in Fall 05, I was checking out a Chocolate Work at NM-SF, one SA there who was helping me reached out and pinched my 03 Black Classique sitting on the table while I was trying on the Work. Perhaps to check if it's real? I saw what she did, she saw that I saw and she apologetically blurted out "Sorry. It just look different compared to what we have." She looked a bit embarrassed about the pinching thing. I nodded and told her it's old thus I need a new one. We both smiled and that was that.

    It does irritate me sometimes when they make statements that are blatantly wrong. It's hard biting my tongue trying NOT to correct their wrong info.
  7. ^ I agree. Some SAs are very aggressive and push wrong information simply for a sale. I can't help to think that they do it because they want the commission. I'm finding it harder to trust SAs in general. I'm the type of shopper that does A LOT of research on higher priced items before I go to the store so that I'm an informed consumer. I prefer to be "left" alone and will find someone if I need help. The last time I went to NM's, they had about 5 SAs working in the handbags department. The department is HUGE so I did a huge turn to check out what was new. Literally every 10 seconds, someone asked me if I needed help and to let them know if I did. Every SA did that to me in that department that afternoon - as much as I like to think that they want to be helpful because they were nice about it, it felt a bit suffocated and had to leave.
  8. Wow ... this is really interesting; I've had the opposite experience but that may be because the Boston stores are much smaller. The S/A's in Chestnut Hill are the best (albeit 1 person who is always snotty - it's just her personality).

    HOWEVER ... I was extremely steamed about the whole *affair* of the opening of the Boston/Copley store because the dumb-:censor: es in "Corporate" went and invited all these quasi-celebs instead of inviting those who had kept the Chestnut Hill store open during the lean years.

    When I inquired as to why this had occurred, I was given a bunch of *pat* answers (by the same snotty-butt) ... so, I just picked up the phone and called Julie Gilhart and told her what I thought about the debacle. Nah ... nothing happened, but it felt good to rant (and besides - I later heard it was a bust anyhow!).
  9. i've never really had a "bad" experience at barneys quite yet. the last handbag SA i spoke with over the phone was just very curt (monosyllable answers with a flat tone!)

    in person, the SA in handbags wasn't friendly but she wasn't cold either. i asked her if she had less veiny bags in the back, but she told me that is how they are all now and that the veins go away with time, etc. i just told her it's my preference to have the thicker leather...
    anyway, i feel like the SAs must be having a hard time selling current 06 stock, and it must be frustrating for them.
  10. All this bad barneys talk :sad:

    I got my bbag from Barneys and the SA was awesome.
  11. The SA's at those places drive me nuts.

    I was in Barney's Chicago a couple of weekends ago and noticed the same thing - the leather on the bags was AWFUL. I went in looking for a Grenat Work but once I saw the leather on the bag I had to pass...
  12. Well... there was a sales person at Barneys in Chicago who I ordered from over the phone that sounded rather nice, her name is Nanette. LOL I hope no one ever had problems with her.

    The Barneys in my local store is ok... when I went in they do greet you. But when I was in the bag section there were 2-3 sales associates nearby and only one approached me, that one it turns out didn't work in that section but was taking over for someone temporarily. But she tried her best to answer my questions and even called a few stores to make sure that she answered my questions correctly. :yes: That is why I bought bags from her.
  13. Some SA's have to depend on learning from customers, and may not be experienced or appreciative of the product, and yes they are there to sell after all- that is to make a living, support their families etc.
    Retail can be very stressful and competitive.
    SA's are often "tortured" by customers. But regardless, there is no excuse for poor service. It is so important to appreciate customers and merch when working in retail.
    Barneys has the most amazing merchandise and that will always keep customers coming back. Thanks Julie!!