My daughter's fish died while she was gone on vacation!

  1. My little one is seven years old. I sent her to spend a couple of weeks with my Mom outside the country. She will be back home tomorrow. I call her every day just to see how is she doing and everytime we talk over the phone she goes "Mom, I want you to take good care of my fishes, I don't want any of them to die". We have a small tank with 6 tropical fishes. We also have 2 bettas. One of the bettas died this morning!:sad:
    I took good care of all fishes as I always do but now she is going to think that I didn't. What should I do?​
  2. It's obviously not your fault the fish died. I mean it happens, it's not an error on your part. It's just unfortunate it happened while your daughter was away.

    I don't think you should lie to her about its death, but explain the fish was old/sick and that though he has passed on he is heaven and that he will be happy their too. Perhaps say it's okay to be sad/miss the fish but that you and your daughter gave him a nice life and shouldn't feel bad.

    Maybe then in time to her to the pet store to get another fish.

    Hope things go okay! xxx
  3. buy another which looks the same.
  4. ^ :yes:
  5. ITA
  6. I'm so sorry to read this.........hope you were able to find another fish that looked identical.

    Last week we were on vacation and I had to break the news to my 7 yr old daughter that her aunts dog passed away. My daughter was so attached to this dog. It was so sad as I told my daughter she cried out "That was my best friend"

    My daughter is now looking forward to her aunt buying a new dog. But it was a couple of rough days.
  7. I would explain what happened... maybe have a little funeral service and then take her and get a new fish :smile:
  8. just buy an identical one..a fish is not like a cat or a dog, as a matter of fact my aunt did this when my cousins' fish died.
  9. ^I don't know... if she finds out it could create trust issues - but she could also get mad at you if you tell her. I'd tell her I think.
  10. Oh my that sounds like what happened here.I took care of my kids Betta it got sick and one of its eyes was bulging and so I went to Petsmart and got some meds for it.After it looked back to normal one day I was cleaning the little keeper that we had it in and the kids were standing there.I went to put it back in the water it started jerking and my 7yr daughter was traumatized and my 2yr son had a weird look on his face.I was so upset with myself.

    We also have two red slider turtles and one swallowed a rock by mistake.I swear this year has been the worst for us for fish and turtles but the lone turtle and dog are doing just fine.

    No more animals are coming in this house for a while,lol.
    I don't know what to tell you but I'm sorry that it happened.

  11. ^ ITA w/ Couture girl & so sorry about her fishy! :sad:
  12. Thats a good idea.Its teaching her more about life and death.
  13. That's a hard one...especially when she specifically asks about her fish and tells you not to let them die. She may never leave the house again. LOL...not that it wouldn't have happened if she'd been there. I'd be tempted to replace him and maybe tell her down the road. I remember once as a child my hamster died but my parents didn't tell me, but said it had escaped. It was easier for me to accept thinking it may have survived and is happily living on it's own. They did end up telling me years down the road but if they had been originally honest, it may have been worse. I preferred my feelings spared at that age than the harsh reality. That understanding ended up happening when I was older since we had pets and lived on a farm. I guess it depends on the child and what you're comfortable with. One one hand she'll be happy the fish is still there, but on the other she should understand that pets can pass. Only thing, it might be better to have it happen when she's there so she doesn't think it only did so because he was under your watch.
  14. Get a new fish. After a while even you'll forget which was which...
  15. Yes I agree, buy another fish to replace that looks similar. After that, dont ever mention about anything dying!!!

    This sorta reminds me a lil bit of the Cosby Show episode when Rudys fish died and Bill made a funeral for it. lol