My Daughter's Christmas Present :)

  1. Hi everyone!

    Just thought I would share a pic of the bag I got on sale at NM! I bought it for my DD for Christmas :yes: .... she thinks I DIDN'T get it and got her Bose speakers instead, but really I bought her both ... heeheehee!

    Oh, it is the Chocolate Baby Beaton!

  2. She's going to love it! You're a great Mom. :yes:
  3. Thank You!! I can't wait to give it to her!!! :yahoo:
  4. Lucky girl! It's so easy to spoil our kids, isn't it. It's just so much fun!
  5. Wow she is very very lucky!
  6. imonpurseblog: she is my only child so I DO tend to spoil her :p

    rosieroseanna: yep, lucky girl! but very appreciative too!
    love her to pieces :love:
  7. Love her gift...she is a lucky girl!
  8. What a great mother you are! The bag is gorgeous! May I ask what it's on sale for?
  9. gorgeous bag. she is going to LOVE it :tup:
  10. She's going to love it! That's such a great gift!
  11. Thank you everyone!!!!!

    echo, it was on sale for $1046 down from $1495 at NM ... Burberry boutiques and online also had them on sale for about the same I think
  12. such a sweet mom you are! your daughter is sooo lucky!
  13. I wish I was her, youre an awesome Mom!
  14. You sneaky little momma! How old is your duaghter?

    As someone mentioned earlier, it IS so easy to spoil our children, huh? I only have a baby boy right now, but if I ever end up with a girl...Oh man, I can only half imagine the damage I would be inclined to do if she had my passion for handbags:smile:
  15. Thanks again everyone for your sweet comments!

    BagsAreMyBabies - My DD is 20 years old :yes: .... I am 39 soooo we are pretty close :p
    I also bought her some Burberry boots and a coat but she knows about the coat b/c she picked it out - LOL!!!