My Daughter's Bag Collection - Please Indulge Her....She's 12....

  1. Okay. Ever since I discovered the PF, my daughter has been begging me to take pictures of her bag collection and put it on for all to see. Sigh. Here it is! Most of what is in her collection is Juicy Couture. She's obsessed at age 12:wacko: . There is also a Fendi, Burberry and Prada. She wants me to mention that she also has Juicy Couture scarves, a Prada Trick keychain and Chanel sunglasses. Okay. I mentioned it. :amuse: Thanks for looking!
    DSCF1814.JPG DSCF1821.JPG DSCF1822.JPG
  2. Woweee! :smile: What a cute collection, and she has some incredible pieces for her age - her friends must love coming over!!!!!!!!!
  3. Tell her they are beautiful, and I am serious! Love the juicy ones especially. :love: Pink and turquoise are my favorite colors and she has some pretty ones! Much better collection than I had at 12. Good job!:P
  4. Wow your daughter has a very GREAT collection! My 12 year old is just like yours! She has Juicy, Dooney, Coach and LV bags also! They would be best friends. She also said to tell you she has a pair of DIOR sunnies! LOL Can you imagine what our girls are going to be like at 20?? LOL SCARY!
    Thanks for sharing your daughters collection!

  5. That is a lot of Juicy ! I really like the baby fluffs ! Very cute collection. ;)
  6. I can already imagine your cute daughter peering over your shoulder as you tried to up upload her pictures for her. :amuse: She has such a great collection at age 12! I don't think I have any collection at age 12... maybe a Hello Kitty plastic purse back then. :lol:
  7. owwwww what a great collection!!
  8. What a fabulous collection! Great colors! I love the bag in the last pic with the green heart!
  9. I LOVE IT!!!!

    She has good taste! I really need to get me one of those Juicy Bags :love:
  10. Thanks ladies!:shame: She is sitting here reading all of your very kind comments. You've all made her day!:biggrin: She is very excited about all of the attention! She's our only child, is very sweet and has a very kind heart. So, she's just a little bit spoiled! If it's okay with everyone, we would love to see some of the other younger ones bag collections as well!
  11. ooohh your daughter is soo cute! hmmm how come my mom didn't buy me those bags when i was 12?? she's lucky! buy her more!!! =)
  12. Nice collection! She really has great taste! :o)
  13. Wow pretty!
    She has some quite collections at age of 12 I must say! You did a good job!:biggrin:
  14. Her collection is gorgeous! ;)
  15. Great collection! She's going to have an amazing one by the time she's my age! ;)