My Daughter's 21 St Birthday.......

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    i WANT TO GET HER A LITTLE SUMTHING LV .I was thinking a damier accessory pouch, or pomme cles?
    I am already getting her pearls(a necklace and earr ings) her birthday is next monthin June and her birthstone is pearl..
    She is in sorroityDelta Sigma Theta and their color is red and white so I thought the pomme cles woould be 'special'
    Or somthing else.........
  2. I'm 22 and boy is your daughter lucky! :nuts:

    I would consider a mono pochette or a damier azur pochette? The pomme cles would be cute too but if it's her first lv piece I would get her a bag instead off an accesorie. The pochettes aren't that expensive for being lv...
  3. yeah the mono pochette is only 286! I would get her that
  4. Lucky gal!
  5. Does she have any LV items or will this be her first?
  6. A Pochette would be nice. Alot of them cost less than the accessories.
  7. this is her first,. She is only daughter , and I have 5 LV'S MYSELF, WHICH WILL BE HERS SOMEDAY BUT NO NOTHING YET.
  8. I'd suggest a mono speedy 25.She'll carry it for the rest of her life for sure.Unless it's not her style.
  9. I'd suggest the mono or azur pochette. Perfect for spring and summer!
  10. oh yeah mono speedy 25 would be nice. I have one and i love it.
  11. Something in pomme would be nice esp if it her sorroity's colours. Though a pochette I think would be a lovely gift too!
  12. pochette or something in pomme would be really nice!
  13. ahw, maybe the envelope plate in pomme if you can find one! that's soo cute!
  14. I'd say damier pochette accessoires or damier speedy 25 (aren't the insides red?).

    For a first LV, a pochette or bag would be more useful than a small accessory, although the pomme isn't a bad idea either!
  15. Azur pochette is pretty, she woulc love that!