My daughter's 1st LV for her 17th B'day.

  1. I like to buy my kids something they really want or like for their birthday. I bought my daughter an open Tiffany heart for her 15th and she has worn it every day since.
    I asked her what she wanted for her 17'th, a Louis Vuitton bag Mum. Ok, so last Sunday we head into the city and this is what she chose. I also got a long strap so I can wear my pochette's across the body.
    I also asked her permission to put her photo on here.
    Casey's bag.jpg Casey'sBV.jpg Casey'sBV2.jpg LongStrap.jpg
  2. That's so thoughtful and considerate of you!
  3. aww..sweet momma!!!

    your daughter looks adorable with her BV!!!!

    may i ask the length of the long strap you purchased??
  4. you're a great mom! happy 17th birthday to your beautiful daughter!
  5. Congrats to her and you!
  6. she looks so great with her batignolles vertical! congrats on your new pochette strap and her new bag!
  7. You're such a nice mom! [LOL! I typed "You're such a nice bag!" but then saw my mistake. :roflmfao:]

    The bag looks great on her!
  8. :nuts: congrats to your daughter and you!!! you both looks gorgeous!!
  9. what a sweet mama you are. your daughter is gorgeous. Congrats on the strap for your pochette.
  10. Hi Jill, the SA said that this is the new adjustable strap as the older one had no holes so you could not alter it (that one was still in stock) but this strap has 5 holes and the minimum length is 37 inches and the max is 44 inches. In my picture I have it on the 3rd hole and it is 39 inches.
  11. You make me laugh John, I call myself an old bag so I wouldn't have minded.
  12. Happy Birthday to your daughter and congrats to the both of you on your new LV purchases.
  13. Yay, what a sweet gift! :biggrin: Congrats
  14. what an awesome mom you are! your daughter looks great w/ her new bag!!
  15. The BV is a lovely choice! I wish my mom would get me a bag for my birthday :crybaby: LV accessories only :push: