My daughter the fashionista...Wants a LV!!

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  1. My youngest daughter Jordyn...Wants a LV bag. I've read a couple people have gotten a small purse for little girls, but how old are they? Jordyn is 3. But she has a pair of sunglasses she takes really, really good care of. But I only spent a few dollars on those..A bag would be an investment for her..Here is a picture of her so you can get an idea of what I am talking about....
  2. Wow, what a cutie! Some people like to buy the mini HL speedy or whatever it's called - the mini speedy, for their little girls. Or what about a cles that she can take care of until she's older? If she is good at taking care of things then it might be a good idea, but I wouldn't get anything too expensive.
  3. you are going to get so many different opinions here from "shes too young", "LVs too expensive for her age" to "if you can afford it, go ahead..."
    just be prepared for all the passionate pros and cons. I say, shes your daughter (very cute BTW) you know her best and what she can/should handle. Go with your gut.
  4. I agree with jellybebe on the Mini HL Speedy. If you really want to buy her one thats the best option :smile:

    I side with the "if you have money then go ahead" bagshoofetish :biggrin:
  5. Get her a Mini HL it holds alot
    Just make sure she takes care of it!
  6. I gave my daughter my Papillion accessories (the tiny Papillion) when she was 4 yrs old. She is a handbag lover but now she's nearly 9 and can't be bothered most of the time.

    I probably wouldn't actually spend that amount of money on buyer her her own LV but I was willing to give her mine that I didn't use.
  7. I would get her a small pochette.
  8. That's too cute!! Get her one of those tiny bags! The mini speedy (mono or the MC) OR the mini noe (too cute!!), or a mini pochette.... I think all of those will suit her nicely!!
  9. I was really heading toward the small pochette. I think that she can put her little sunglass in it. She wants a bag she can put her teddy bear and juice cup..That's just not happening!! LOL:graucho:
  10. Is that a serious question?
  11. Yes, why?
  12. Because I can't understand, that a little girl from 3 years wish to own a desginer bag! That's absolutely incomprehensible for me......
  13. i'd get her a mini pochette.Its some thing that she could carry or play with and isnt over size. Something cute and something that can grow with her.


  14. Why? I'm assuming PinkCapulet has a few designer bags so it's expected her daughter may become interested :smile:
  15. Not for me!! She wants to be just like mommy!! I don't think she know "what the LV bag" is. She just knows mommy carries one. I am sure I could buy her a regular purse with letters on it and she would be fine!:roflmfao:
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